Fancy meeting up for a personalised 121 VIP Day – totally catered to your individual needs? To give you an idea of what a VIP Day could include I have given some ideas below.

A run down of a typical VIP day, includes lunch, wine, cocktails or coffee whichever makes you smile. This day will be fun, but of course we have a goal, the goal is all about getting companies or clients chasing you. Ready to join me? This is 121, totally geared to you and your needs…for this reason I have limited availability….a girl has to sightsee as well!

This is for VIP clients who want to get ahead and realise the trial and error approach is REALLY not the best way to go. If you’re reading this, I suspect that you have already found that out!

Our Goal Together

This will be a SUPER hands on day where we will literally create an IN DEPTH plan based on you and what you need to do to get HIRED.

We will also create a job search strategy leaving no stone unturned and based on EXACTLY what you need the most i.e. to get you HIRED and make you the thought-leader and go-to person for your industry so you don’t have to EVER apply for a job again!

We will map out your entire job search strategy and I will showcase how to get people interested in YOU!

I will make you see how your current profiles and CV/Resume are a bit average and why and show you how to level these up a notch or two! (Well a big notch if I’m honest!)

By the end of the day you will know exactly what you need to do to get your own personal brand working for you and you’ll already have started doing it!

Most people’s Job Seeker Toolkit (CV/Resume, LinkedIn etc) are really not helping them to get HIRED (no matter how good they think they are)…

…and I’ve found that people will blame the reason that they haven’t been noticed on anything and everything from age, lack of qualifications, experience etc., when in all honesty you just need to do one thing – learn to sell YOU better!

Funnily enough a potential client emailed me from another country and said I don’t understand how you can help me – so again I want to make this 100% clear for you!

Who is this for…?

The type of clients I normally work for are high achievers / executives, as well as freelancers who want to prove that they are the best candidate for the role.

  • People who want to make their mark this year in 2017!
  • People who realise they don’t want ANYTHING holding them back!
  • People who want to know what they need to do now – NOT tomorrow!

Buy now for a one off fee of £1500 / approx $1920 US dollars

Or if you would like to spread the cost over 4 weeks

Creating a Personalised Service for you – begins “before” the event!

We will work out what is stopping you progressing, what’s working and what’s not, so you can get a more tailored service a short insight form will be sent to you (which allows you to upload your current CV/resume for example) and a chance to book your session.

Hold the front page – ADDED BONUS worth £845 alone!!!!


121 Personalised Service – The Main Event

1. You’re the Service Provider

You will learn how to develop your employer toolkit i.e. your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile and website (if applicable), with the organisation in mind.

What this means to YOU:

  • So whether you’ve already got a CV/Resume or not – we will work together to make it A*. Not average but truly outstanding so that it is geared to what a company wants – often people only focus on what they’ve done – we’ll change this to what you can do!
  • Fantastic LinkedIn Profile – again not the average, “I worked in Finance for 15 years and I can do X, Y & Z” we will get past this blurb to fine tune you with what YOU need to be saying!
  • This means during the day we would have worked out your USP – Unique Selling Point & why this matters to you and for the company who would hire you! You and I will have some work to do, I will be creating your Resume x 2 (Robot Friendly CV & Creative CV Template) once approved by you – we can then move forward. Each CV/Resume supplied will come in both PDF version and Word (so you can then make any future edits if you wish.)
  • Don’t forget you also get an updated / or even brand new LinkedIn Makeover!

2. You’re the Problem Solver

You should recognise that a business only employs staff because they have a problem to solve. If they did not have problems they wouldn’t need you! You will get hired because you can fix those issues.

What this means to YOU:

We will clearly articulate in all of your marketing collateral that you’re the best choice for the job and why, this is just one part of the Job Seeker Toolkit and we will cover more. (We’ll even do a mini mock interview as well, don’t panic about this in anyway, everything we do is to achieve one thing – to GET YOU HIRED)


Interview 101 – Mission getting YOU Hired!

The Lowdown of the mock interview itself!

Each session is individual, but a typical session will run as follows:

  • 5 minutes: Let’s hear about you! Tell me your experience, what you expect from the interview process, your concerns, anything you want to address during the session – this is your time to get it all out!
  • 10 minutes: Mock interview time! I will assess your technique as it stands, and pick out the flaws. Don’t worry – we all have them!
  • 20 minutes: Let’s get to work! Time to improve your interview techniques and address your weak spots. I’ll then show you how to structure your interview, personalise it and inject confidence into your answers.
  • 5 minutes: Q&A session covering body language, how you talk throughout your interview, as well as other issues

3. You’re the Communicator

You will recognise the need to communicate your message in a clear, concise way, focusing on your Unique Selling Point and combining this with what the company needs! Learning to do this can not only help you to get hired, but it has numerous other benefits. It can redundant-proof your job and help to build you as a brand, so that you never have to apply for a job again.

What this means to you:

Well, it’s all well and good having the BEST CV and BEST LinkedIn profile but this won’t get you HIRED unless of course it’s seen (and when I say seen, I mean by the right people i.e. influencers and hiring managers!). You may or may not know my simple catch phrase which is “Get Noticed, Get Hired.” You can’t do one without the other and this is the essence of what I will teach you. You will learn to sell YOU. Don’t worry extroverts this includes you as well and this is not a one size fits all approach (everyone can do this) and by the way, this is the bit (the most important bit in my eyes), where I will teach you how to ‘Level Up’ so you that never have to apply for a job again (because seriously, would you ever want to go through this again – thought not!

121 Personalised Service – After Party

After our day together, I don’t just leave you! You and I will have a follow up call…

Buy now for a one off fee of £1500 / approx $1920 US dollars

Or if you would like to spread the cost over 4 weeks


Yes I have a members ONLY private LinkedIn group so you can continue to get the support you need!

Yes you get immediate access to the Bootcamp Job Club, Level Up Fast Pack once you sign up!

If you need to re-schedule your appointment, please provide at least 48 hours notice. It won’t be in the USA it will be held online instead and it would need to completed within 3 months. No refunds are available, as I would have already incurred cost of meeting room hire, drinks, lunch etc.

You can pay online using PayPal or your own credit card if you wish. Once I have received payment you will automatically be sent an email with access to the documentation needed and a way to book the VIP Day!

Sometimes you just want to chat to make sure you are choosing the right service for you! I get that, so book your FREE Consult online (no matter where in the world you live!)