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LinkedIn Success Academy online course

The LinkedIn Success Academy is an online course designed to help you leverage LinkedIn in a more effective way. It recognizes that most profiles are ‘vanilla’, or average and that you need to Get Noticed, To Get Hired. It also comes with a 20 minute 1-2-1 strategy session to help you move forward in your job search. Additionally, you receive a free Creative CV Template and email scripts designed to get a response from people (who may not even know), with one goal: to get you HIRED. You can get immediate access here.


The Ultimate Job Seeker Toolkit

The 101 guide of what you need to get hired and the tools you to do just that! Remember each document comes in US / A4 Sizes and the best bit – a framework on what to say, step by step! Check it out here.

CV/Resume Store

Check out the CV Store here – everyone should have a CV/Resume which has the WOW factor!  This is great for sending direct to the hiring manager or uploading to your LinkedIn profile. Each CV/Resume comes with a blueprint in terms of what to say, you can’t go wrong!

The Ultimate Interview Success Toolkit

Got an interview? Then you need this

check it out now here!