The Success Files

I can tell you that I’m good at what I do until I’m blue in the face, however, chances are, I’ll only achieve two things:

  • You’ll think that I’m a big head
  • You’ll end up asking me about past clients

I’m a massive believer in hearing things from the horse’s mouth and think that Chinese whispers aren’t reliable, which is why I have created this page; I want you to see for yourself what I’ve done, what I can do, and what I’ll carry on doing in the future, all based upon a foundation of fantastic success with fab clients.

First, a little more about me…

I am a global career coach and have worked hard in order to build up a reputation that has established me as a respected go-to person.

  • I have featured in the national press and was even elected at UK level to be part of the Career Development Institute.
  • I am physically based in London, but am able to go much further afield…
  • I practice what I preach, I don’t just throw advice at you that I wouldn’t listen to myself – I’ve been where you are, and no, this isn’t a cliché; I’ve struggled and waded through job after job in order to find my calling, and here I am – hi!

It all started as a long distance relationship with my partner which progressed with me moving to London. Only when I got here, I was jobless! So, I created my own business. Giving up my home and my job, some may see as a somewhat risky and even downright stupid move, but I knew it would be worth it. And I was right.

So, how did I do it?

I obtained my original job based on my reputation; I chose to make sure that I took every opportunity presented to me and even created opportunities of my own within the role, so that when I chose to move forward in the future, the foundations were already in place.

And it worked.

  • I landed a job, without even needing an interview – an informal chat in a pub led to me being chased and I negotiated my salary, working days and was soon talking with the Cabinet Office about careers!
  • I can get you hired, but I can also show you what you are worth to an employer!
  • I understand your concerns, I know what it’s like and I know how to pull you out of the mud.

No more anxiety, no more Monday mornings filled with dread, no more feeling like you’re just not quite ‘there’ yet, and still have more to give.

Listen to my clients…


I will always remember Graham, because he became one of my model students. We created his CV/Resume to stand out and before we knew it, he had received a job offer that would allow him to live very comfortably.

Graham and I developed and built his brand, making him an attractive prospect for companies. Before we knew it they were approaching him. Job hunting can be boring, and I eliminated this need for Graham, all by finding his Unique Selling Point (USP), which we all have!


“I was helped at every single step along the way by Sue, and throughout the process, I was approached by lots of recruiters. Had I not landed the job that I wanted, I would have had plenty of potential interviews to choose from.”

Senior Finance Professional


It is a tough job market and Viv wanted to get back in the game. She was struggling to differentiate herself, so we focused on her Unique Selling Point (USP) and we started developing a job search strategy as well as improving her interview skills. She landed the job and is now in Dubai relaxing, before she starts her new role in May 2016!


“Sue is one of a kind – a highly inspirational lady, she will give you all the encouragement and motivation you need to get ahead in your career or job search. If you want to get hired, Sue’s help and guidance are priceless, particularly in this tough market environment. I would definitely recommend joining the Bootcamp Job Club: How to break the traditional rules of job search! My success was most definitely inspired by Sue and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Senior Risk Professional


Nita got her job after going up against five other people and it happened very quickly. The great thing is even though she got hired, she has been 100% committed to making sure she is NEVER in this situation again – meaning she wants to continue to work together so that she is never stuck without a job again – opportunities will continue to come to her!


“Sue I got the job! I was interviewed last week and started on Tuesday!”

Senior Financial Management Accountant


One of my favourite success stories; Marcela now works for Pepsi.

Marcela lives in Argentina and by Skype calls and some hard work, we landed her a job role that she wanted and boosted her confidence by getting so much positive feedback after her interview.

No distance is too far – there is no such thing as too far!


“I really need to thank you very, very much. I want to let you know that when I presented my CV/Resume, it produced a revolution… no joke..a friend of mine who works there told me that.

I grant you that you were in my mind all of the time!

Well Sue, I really thank you for your support and patience. Hopefully, I will get to travel to Great Britain to meet you personally!”

APU Service Manager


Is wanting to move forward, she already has a great job in HR but she wants to expand her options, so we have revamped her LinkedIn profile and focused on what she has achieved, while at the same time making it super clear why a company should be hiring her! Changing her LinkedIn profile from C average to A*…


“I was following a trial and error job finding strategy when I decided that I had nothing to lose if I were to get some professional assistance – that’s when Sue came into my life and she did the marvelous thing of not only turning my normal and boring LinkedIn profile into a profile with the “UAU effect”, but she also made me recognise my professional achievements and gave me the confidence to proceed. Sue was always very positive and that was contagious not only on the Skype calls but also on her emails – Sue is a fast replier and always wanted me to move forward. We have just finished my LinkedIn profile and my CV/Resume, and I’m sure some good news will come soon. Thank you, Sue, for your time, patience, great humor, positiveness and confidence in me”

Director of HR

Don’t take my word for it…

The people who have taken part come from all walks of life from Accountants, Marketing, Law, Freelancers etc. all with one common theme.

They are all looking for their next opportunity!  What are you waiting for?


Ken – Risk Director


Adrian – CFO


Chris – Business Improvement


Andy – IT Director


Kimberly Green – Finance Executive

“Susan’s material and knowledge of LinkedIn is invaluable for those that have yet to fully set up their profile and connections, it’s also useful for those people to learn more advanced strategies to start to build their brand online. All the videos are short and precise and allow you to learn a bit at a time when it is most convenient for you. The best bit, within a day of updating my profile and learning how to navigate around LinkedIn I was receiving notifications and messages from both companies and individuals. Would definitely recommend – thanks again Susan.”



“Sue’s course has given me invaluable insight and tips to improve my profile. I find networking online and offline daunting but she makes it easy and enjoyable and I had almost instant results drawing people to my profile. The one-to-one session was brilliant as it focused on my personal situation, enhancing what I’d already learned in the course. I’d highly recommend Sue to anyone who wants to unlock the power of LinkedIn.”


Stephen Robinson

“I am very grateful for all the information and hope you gave me. I think my future career is brighter and will be more successful because of your advice. I will definitely be using you again for more coaching. Susan is very practical and nonsensical about the skills and experience which are required for a great job placement. I will be recommending you to all my friends and colleagues.”