Done for You – VIP Range!


LIVE 11 WEEK PROGRAMME (runs 4 x per year) max of 10 people.

Let’s ask the killer question…

Are you meeting your income goals?  If not, read on.

Understanding that your focus needs to be on sales to make it a business is key, otherwise, it is just a hobby! So why FOCUS on anything else? Learn what it takes to get clients chasing YOU via LinkedIn. There are no expensive adverts required, and better still, you don’t need to leave the office/ home to attend countless networking meetings. This is for you if you:

  1. Have a service or product which is greater than £500
  2. Don’t want to appear too ‘salesy’, the thought of networking or cold calling fills you with dread!
  3. Prefer a systematic approach to getting clients.
  4. Like the idea of working together over 11 weeks, where you can see the huge benefits of 11 weeks of support and action, showing you what your business really could do, understand there is a limit on the number of places available (max 10) to ensure you get the personalized attention you need.


  1. The LinkedIn Profile Client Magnet: Appointment Generator, is also part of this programme, see below!

LinkedIn Profile Client Magnet: Appointment Generator

1 on 1: 90 Minute Strategy Session to get your LinkedIn profile rocking.

If your prospective clients are on Linkedin – you owe it to yourself to ensure your profile stands out! LinkedIn is likely to be the first port of call when any prospective client decides to look you up. In fact, let’s be clear, your profile needs to be better than good if you want to attract those high-value clients – because if you don’t state your worth, who else will?

This is for you if:

  1. You like the idea of a done for you service, you provide your password and I get it completed for you! (or if you prefer to upload it yourself, I can provide you the copy!)
  2. You recognise that if you want customers you need to create a well thought out strategy session, to get customers talking with you – makes sense right? I help you understand what makes a great strategy, showing you how this can be achieved & best utilised on LinkedIn, your website (if you have one, we can even use this on your email signature)

Done for You service, we do it for you.

Minimum sign up 5 months, want to find out more, let’s talk.