I’m doing something a little crazy… you see the Bootcamp Job Club is my elite service that helps people to ultimately get hired but it’s also a game changer (trust me when I say this).

Yes it can help you to get HIRED but it’s teaching you HOW not to be in this situation again!

This is for you if you’re struggling to get hired!


This is for you if you’ve recently got your new job as well…Although some of you may be feeling comfortable with yourselves right now as you’ve managed to land yourself a job, you never know how long it will last? Whether in 4/5 years you decide to move on, or perhaps sooner if something yucky was forced upon you like redundancy. So you could expect to be in back to square 1 unless you change the process!

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As I’ve never done this before … #BootcampExclusive – I’m giving away to one of my in-house members ONLY (let’s be honest as a teaser), the opportunity for you to have a peek of what’s inside my Bootcamp Job Club. This is not your average job search advice, in fact it’s getting better by the day as more and more new resources are added. I’m looking to do a training video such as the one above as a regular feature of the Bootcamp – if you have a topic that you would love to hear more on or have a question you would like answered, just hit reply now!

You will see for yourself that this 20 minute recording will tear to shreds the traditional interview approach. If you’ve already been hired, you may think that you no longer need this but trust me you do, so make sure you listen at least until you’ve heard Step 1, then you can turn it off!

You can listen here >>> https://fccdl.in/uGSPZYvno

No strings attached, just extra added value!

Here’s the thing about the Bootcamp Job Club…, you can read the full script here >>> http://linkedinsuccessacademy.com/wp/bootcamp-job-club/

*It’s not for everyone (as most people don’t realise they need it)
*Most people feel they can just DIY it (but the cost is trial and error!)
*Most people are just looking for the Holy Grail and are not REALLY interested in investing in themselves.
*In fact, most people put more thought into their 2 week annual holiday than their career (which they will be doing for decades to come!)

The Bootcamp is my elite service for many reasons:
*It will raise you from average to A* (no carbon copy here)
*It will attract the companies and key people to you.
*It will help you get noticed to get hired
*It will help you build your name, reputation in the niche you work

The question is are you READY? If so schedule a call now? Because if you’re not ready I promise you one thing, someone else is!

Now I’ve added two extra bonuses including the Complimentary Breakthrough session to getting YOU hired!  Determine the #1 thing stopping you from having the JOB you want:

Step 1

I have made it really straight forward to book a session with me to work out what’s holding you back. All you need to do is book your FREE Breakthrough session to getting YOU hired here...

Step 2
I will confirm with you within 24 hours via email if I can help you.  As this is a free service, I can only offer limited places and I have already been inundated with requests. I will reiterate that if an individual consultation is NOT possible, you won’t lose out, I will signpost you on your next step forward.

So just to summarise, all you need to do is book online and within 24 hours you will know whether you have been successful in terms of securing a 121 online consultation with me. I will get back to everyone who responds with some concrete next steps for you – even if you are not able to take up this limited offer free coaching session.

Can’t say fairer than that, can we? So if you need a reminder of that link again, just click here.

P.S This is only open to clients who I have not yet spoken with. 

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