I’m often surprised when people say to me that they don’t have a list – they’ve never needed one. OK, I get that.


But the thing is, if you want to grow your business, you will need an email list. I’ll explain why.


You need to communicate with “Your People” and when I say your people, I’m talking gatekeepers, people who can hire you.


If you don’t communicate with them regularly –


  • They forget you.
  • They employ someone else.
  • You lose out.
  • You don’t build the like, know, trust factor, and if people don’t LKT you, well, you won’t get hired either.


Have I SPELT THIS OUT well enough to help you understand why an email list is needed?


You’re still playing the old school approach, and well, it works to an extent, but it won’t save you from having 5 months off in a year because you can’t get hired and your network can’t deliver, and you’re now watching day time TV!


So, let’s imagine you see the error of your ways. Now what? What should I do next? Well, start building an email list, and this is actually what stops people in their tracks. They don’t know how; they don’t have the time. They have other things they need to do.


No problem, I get that. I get the fact that when you work for yourself, you are busy; you don’t have a spare second, do you? You’re stuck in this spiral of when you’re working for a client –you simply don’t have time to market your own business.


Which leads us to a catch 22; how do you solve this problem?


You don’t do it. Yep, you heard me.

You should concentrate on working with your clients. That’s where your income comes from, not doing admin-based work.


But, err, you just said I need to do it? Well, you do, but it does not need to be YOU!

You can outsource this activity; you can get someone like me to help you by doing it for you, and this is exactly how I help my clients. I can set up the process for them to collect emails and then keep in contact with their clients.


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