You see those people, don’t you?

The ones at the top of their game.

They’re doing what you want to be doing. They have loads of work, loads of clients and the so-called rewards which come from this.


Do you ever look at those people who are thought leaders? Guess what? No-one appoints those people. They simply say to themselves I’ve got something to say, so I tell people.


They’re the ones that get invited to speak at conferences, they’re the ones who are KNOWN in their fields, like the celebrities of the industry.


No-one said to them – “Hey, I think you should do this.”

They appointed themselves.




What’s stopping you from appointing yourself?


The only person who stops us – is often us!

If you want to LEAD – then LEAD.


No one appointed me and said, “Hey Sue, I think you should do this.”


I’m just a girl from Liverpool who decided to create the life I wanted.

No-one ever said, “Hey Sue, you would be amazing working for yourself.” OK, maybe my dad did, and I’m sorry he never got to see it when he was alive. I can imagine our conversations and how excited he would be… HE WOULD BE EXCITED because he was probably one of the few people who would have “got it.”

If you want someone who understands what you are trying to achieve in your own business – trust me, I get it. In fact, often the calls I have with my clients help them to gain a better clarity on what they want to achieve, better understanding of what drives them, and finally I like to think I provide them with the building blocks, so they can clearly see the way forward – and that I think is priceless!


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