I’ve got to share this with you because to me this is so important and a mistake that I see consultants, coaches, and freelancers making all the time.


In the last 12 months, how many months have you NOT worked? (i.e. you didn’t have a choice; it was decided for you because you struggled to get clients/hired?)


So, let’s say on average in one year you are off 3 months – not of your choosing -and you lose out on say £12k for each month you don’t work, we can safely say you’ve lost approx. £36k, or if you’re from the US more like $40k. Get me?


Now, stay with me! In the last 12 months – how many months have you not worked, and what is that potential loss? Now, I’m not here to depress you, but I imagine this is a common theme, one that happens year on year. Am I right?


Your network normally provides you with roles, but for whatever reason, work has dried up, and you’re not earning. In fact, you’re losing money, and it’s big money at that.


So, you’ve got two options as far as I see it.  You can continue to do it as you’ve always done it – losing a tonne of money each month, or you bite the bullet and recognise that something needs to change.


Now, if you want something to change you need to recognise that most people are still using the old school approach of getting hired- which is their network (sometimes recruiters may be used if applicable) and word of mouth, but the reality is this can ONLY take you so far. We need something which is a little less ad hoc and a little more consistent and this is why I say that it does not matter if you just need 3-5 clients per year – the fact is that you need clients.


The fact is you need a system to get those clients.

A system which gets your name out there and gets you known within your industry; something that helps you to move on from the old school approach of getting clients because you’re noticing this is no longer working as well as it used to.


It’s time to get serious and recognise you need a new approach.


If this is calling you, then it’s time you and I spoke about how I can help you to get more clients consistently – the best bit about this is that I will do it for you.


So once the processes are set up, you can sit back and relax and count that extra £36k you would have lost.


Now – what would you do with that money again?


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