Lately, I’ve had several prospective clients who want to double their business in the next 12 months.


I love it, and you want to know why?


  • They recognise that to do this they can’t do what they’ve always been doing and expect their income to double.


  • They recognise that they need to think about employing a strategy to make this possible.


Yes, a strategy – it’s great that they are being honest with themselves; they know what they are doing now is ad hoc, most of which is reliant on their network and word of mouth, no I’m not saying this is a bad thing – it’s definitely not. However, if you want to double your income, well, you need to employ a better system to attract and retain those key clients.


It could be as simple as raising your prices; it could be as simple as not having 5 months off every year because you can’t find a client to hire you.


A strategy is what is needed; not the ad hoc system you’ve been employing – this won’t always work when you need it, and then you’re chasing your tail again, accepting any client just to pay the mortgage, rent, kids school fees etc etc. The list goes on…


If you recognise that you want to earn a good deal of money and that a more strategic approach, one which can get you noticed on LinkedIn in a good way is what’s needed, then I’m here to show you how, step by step, in fact not ONLY do I show you.


I do it for YOU.


I’m taking calls from serious business owners who want to upscale and double their income and recognise a system is what is needed.


Let’s schedule our call today.


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