Same old story you find yourself repeating time and time again, but without a clue in terms of how to solve it. When you’re working, you work hard. So hard you simply don’t have time. You can’t add another “to do” item to your pile, it’s not fair on you or your family.


The thing is, you do an excellent job for the company you work for, but it comes at the expense of your own business. That is, you often experience the feast or famine scenario when you lose out on months worth of salary. If your salary is £12k per month, that sure adds up pretty fast. So, without any choice in the matter you’re off work again, without a job, sometimes months can go by before you secure the next one, losing you a whopping £36k in the process if you were to be off work for 3 months.


You know that to stop this madness you need to make time while your working to market yourself, but in reality, you’re a little unsure where to start and what you should be doing, and you don’t want to make the time either. You want to live, have a life, who can blame you? I certainly don’t.


However I do have the answer. You need to do things differently.


So here’s the bad news. You do need to make time, at least initially – to set up processes to enable you to get clients chasing you. There is no way of getting out that, but… this is what I think you will LOVE!


Once those processes are set up, you, my friend, can sit back and simply answer enquires to people who are interested in your services. Now, if you like the sound of this approach, you and I need to speak. This means we are looking at moving from an ad hoc way of getting clients to a more of strategic approach to get people knocking on your door.


If this speaks to you – we need to talk.


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