I love Resumes, I have a knack you see. I can tell in about 10 seconds whether your CV/Resume will hit the mark with a recruiter or a hiring manager. I can see what they want to see and what they ACTUALLY see. Yes, I recognise the harsh truth, there is one thing they rarely get to see and that is a good Resume/CV!

A good Resume is what will make you exceptional, this is what will grab their attention (if it’s done right), and because it’s SO rare, boy will you stand out from the crowd!

Unfortunately, although the vast majority of people believe that they already have a great CV – they rarely do. I hate to tell you this but most of them are really naff! Sorry but it’s true!

Blunder 1

If your personal profile is nothing more than just a list of buzz words – the only thing you’re going to do is to put me or any hiring manager, straight to sleep. Although you may not worry about having to impress me, it is important that you WOW the recruiters and you won’t do that by simply copying everyone else and using a standard format CV. This is why I will spend time with you to work out what your USP is (Unique Selling Point). This won’t be a cookie cutter approach and this is why you will love the “Infinite Figure Resume Service” to get your CV/Resume tip top!

P.S. I believe you need two CV/Resumes – one which looks visually pleasing and the other which is great for job sites – meaning it’s Robot Friendly.

Blunder 2

A good CV/Resume should divert me back to where I can find out more about you. Think LinkedIn profile as this is where the majority of recruiters will check you out online. The issue occurs when people take this approach on their CV/Resume and end up diverting people back to either a vanilla (bland) profile or an incomplete profile – which is actually worse than no profile at all! So, if you are going to go down this road – do it properly! To help you with this, I’ve created the“Attract Infinite Job offers through the LinkedIn Rehab Clinic”

Blunder 3

Get it seen! Yes, it’s all well and good having a great CV/LinkedIn profile but it does involve a little more than that. You need to get it seen, but when I say seen, it needs to be seen by the people who matter – think hiring managers, think recruiters in the niche you want to work in. This is where the hard part starts – the difficult bit is developing a plan and strategy. Ad hoc approaches just don’t work. Make yourself visible (no hiding, you need to “Get Noticed, to Get Hired”).

You need to:

  • Make you the go to person – the expert within your industry, field or niche.
  • Start to build you as a brand
  • Be prepared to think a little differently – check out the Bootcamp. It’s the elite service I offer with personalised support along the way.

Feel free to download the  FREE Ultimate Job Search Guide, it’s the guide you need if you are searching for your new job!

Get Noticed, Get Hired.