All too often I see people who are so desperate to find a job, their life becomes a complete nightmare! They are working to get hired but they are so stressed out and anxious about the whole process that they’re really not being productive.

Today, I’m sharing my best advice on how to find a job. This advice will help you to progress with less of the stress (and don’t worry; this advice can be applied right from the beginning, or be used to modify an existing job search that has begun to swallow you whole).

1. See yourself as a business.

Move from being good at your job – to translating this outside of the 4 walls in which you work. You see, you have to treat yourself as a business otherwise you’re always going to be stuck in the same situation.

So you want to get hired now? Well, if I were to look into a crystal ball, you never know, in the next 4 years you might want the same thing again (or shock horror the decision is made for you – that is, redundancy could be on the cards). Wouldn’t it be great to learn some skills for life and work out how to get your message outside to recruiters so that you’re never stuck for job offers again?

I teach people to get hired, but ultimately, I teach them how to never find themselves in this situation again. This leads on to ‘getting you noticed’ and how to keep your profile engaging even once you’ve been hired so that you’re always on the market and therefore open to any great new opportunities that may come directly to you. In my Bootcamp Job Club, (how to break the rules of traditional job search), I’ve created a step-by-step training guide to help you achieve just that!

2. Work smarter not harder!

When I speak to job seekers, 99% of the time they’ve got a CV/Resume strategy NOT a job search strategy and trust me, there is a big difference. Come on, when you’re relying on only 1 element in your job hunt, your chances of getting hired, are pretty damn low! When I work with clients we work to create a two-way strategy so that you are not doing all the work and are also attracting recruiters to you.

3. Develop the Bait!

Don’t underestimate the basics. The basics are like the foundations of a house. The foundations are key. One of these foundations is the bait. If you are and I are going fishing, we would need some bait and in the same way, you need bait to lure recruiters in. The bait explains why a company should hire you. If you’ve not yet managed to figure this out and this is NOT articulated in your key documents, you dramatically reduce your chances of getting in front of the hiring manager.

4. Find a mentor

One of the most important things I’ve done with all of my businesses is to find the person who knows more than me on a particular subject, or who is further along with their business so that I can learn from them. Sometimes it’s a book, a course, a group, or a 1:1 coaching situation, but those are the most important purchases I’ve made to move my business forward. That’s one of the main reasons that I created the Bootcamp Job Club so that you can learn from someone with real experience and you don’t have to waste your time making the mistakes yourself.

These people haven’t had to make these mistakes as they hired an expert! It’s been a BIG week inside of Bootcamp here are some of our member wins:

  • Nita was interviewed last week and started her new job that week as well!
  • Jayne was interviewed, hired and starts on Monday
  • Viv got not just one interview, she also has others in the pipeline!
  • Hilary received a job offer plus also has other job opportunities in the pipeline!

So the first step, as they say, is recognising the problem, the next is doing something about it. Now I’ve added two extra bonuses, which includes the Complimentary Breakthrough session to getting YOU hired!

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As always, Get Hired, Get Noticed.