I know that when something like redundancy happens, it doesn’t feel like fun at all. Even when we bring about change ourselves, it can be daunting and scary!

Whatever the situation, what do we do? We bury our heads in the sand and hope it will go away! But it doesn’t go away. Instead, it hangs over our heads like FOG – TELLING us that we need to do something about it…but still we pretend.

You hate your job.
You’re unemployed and desperate to get hired.
You have that nagging feeling that the job you have is OK, but it’s just not challenging enough, so you accept the status quo and continue on the same path.

UNTIL – wait for it… there is enough PAIN that you decide to actually do something about it.

So, what can you do in these times?
Accept the situation as it is?
Breathe, and go with the flow?
Decide you can’t change it?


Remember, doing nothing – is a decision.

So, reframe it, for example, when clients come to me and they are searching for their next opportunity and are either not working, or they’re not happy in their job –

It’s stressful
It’s daunting
Scary even…
It’s fear of the unknown – so you need to REFRAME IT.

You need to understand that the situation you are in is TEMPORARY – if you do the work. That’s a big IF! You need to DO THE WORK!

You do need to do the work, but there is no reason why the process can’t be FUN!

Imagine knowing what you need to do, feeling CONFIDENT because you know you have a killer CV/Resume that does not sound like this (check out my video to see if you suffer from CV Shame I believe 99% of the population do, so without being mean – that does probably mean you too!)

Imagine being able to spend half of the day working on your job search, with a clear plan, knowing exactly what you need to do, step by step. Then having the afternoon OFF, you heard me, OFF, doing whatever you want to do! When was the last time you had such a luxury?

I mean seriously, when are you going to have this time ever again? So, you can be miserable and focus on the worst case, OR YOU can see job search as an opportunity for a little break until you find your path again. As long as you are doing the work – day in day out – why not? No guilt needs to be attached to this.

IT CAN BE FUN – if you reframe it that is!

Which is why I am launching a brand-new package to help job seekers find their next opportunity – the package is called…

“Land an Executive Level Job: A Proven Methodology For Getting A Professional Position In Weeks Rather Than Months

You’re a high-level executive, and you’re seeking a new job. My role is to make this process easier, but most of all, I’m here to make it FASTER for you to get the RESULTS you want. Believe it or not, it does not need to take months!

I can help you if:
You are currently unemployed – the pressure to get the RIGHT job now is probably immense. Take a deep breath. Relax. Finding a new job does not need to eat into your hard-earned savings, nor does it mean you need to take any job offered to you. You still can be choosy! You can still look after your family financially – it just means we need to “FOCUS “on what matters most.
You’re in a job at present – and you’ve made the decision that it’s time to search for your next position. Don’t let this go on a never ending to-do list. Do it today!
The ultimate result of working with me is that not only will you have a plan to find your job; you will know what to do every day to make it happen and get the result you want in less time.

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