You see I practice what I preach. Big Time!

If I ask you to create a CV/Resume – you bet I’ve got one and it works (it will get me to interview stage). If I ask you to build you as a brand – you bet I am doing it as we speak! (Well you’re reading this aren’t you!)

I think my website highlights why I’m different to the other global career coaches out in the world!  So why is this important to you? Well, in order to get hired, you need to work out a couple of things – let me me explain.

Remember in order to get hired you need to realise…  A company only hires you because you solve a problem they have. Yet time and time again when I read a CV/resume it basically tells me what you’ve done – not what you can do for them – big difference!

So how do I work? 

My approach is different and the thing is – what you’re doing is what EVERYONE IS DOING! Yes, I’m talking to YOU! So you’re not different, you’re average. I don’t do average!

Can I be frank with you? Really frank!

I’d say 99.9% of your CVs and LinkedIn profiles are suffering from ‘CV/Resume Shame’ but what you think you’ve got is good! You talk a good game BUT it’s dull and it sounds like you’ve swallowed a Thesaurus!

You’ve not worked out what the employer really wants and how you can solve their problems. Remember you only get HIRED because a company has a problem to solve!

Your CV/LinkedIn profile is only a small part to the puzzle, you need to master other skills as well! I will teach you how to get hired – but what I am REALLY teaching is how to never apply for a job again – now that’s priceless!

Call out: Do you want to get hired in the next month?

Stop your excuses, stop saying you will do something about it. Ask yourself “How long have you been thinking about doing something” (“thinking” about it is my key point here), or maybe you have started but it’s more of an ad hoc approach and nothing is really happening?

Whatever your situation, if you’re ready to go ALL IN and really make it count, it’s time to end what you’ve been thinking about in the back of your mind and actually DO something about it.

If you’re serious and I mean serious that you want things to change – then let’s chat and let’s get moving.

You deserve to get the results you want, so stop thinking and start doing.

I have two great ways that you and I can work together via the LinkedIn Success Academy and the Bootcamp Job Club

If you’re unsure of next steps and want to work out which is the best method for you – then please do book a consultation here and let’s discuss!

As always, Get Noticed, Get Hired…

Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn and let me know it’s due to this post!