Let’s be honest, you’ve built the foundations of something but in ALL honesty, you’re not 100% sure that it feels right or even looks good. I continually see people expecting to get results from an inadequate shop window. (By the way when I say shop window, I am talking CV/Resume, LinkedIn, blog or whatever you are using to get the hiring managers attention!)

Let me be blunt with you. If you put something out in the world that reads like this…

“I worked in Finance for the last 15 years and I am experienced in X, Y & Z”

Or I have “Great team building skills and I am proficient at using Microsoft office” (can’t everyone use Microsoft Office these days?)

So something like this is average, bland, vanilla – should I go on?

Do you honestly expect to WOW any potential employers reading your LinkedIn profile with this? Why are we so scared to take risks and thus continue to play it safe?  Safe and comfortable will get you average results. If you are reading this, you’re not average, so stop pretending you are.

If there is one thing you need to FULLY understand it is that if your shop window is not 100% clear on what you want and what you can do for that company, then it’s all pointless and a waste of time. Remember one thing, companies hire people to solve their problems, if you don’t fully understand this concept then you will never be able to clearly articulate what you can offer to a company. Most people tell us what they’ve done, not what they can do! There is a BIG difference. You do not need to be the best candidate in the room, you don’t even need to be the cleverest, but you do need to understand HOW TO SELL YOU.

I can help you to sell you by helping you to understand what you can offer to a company. So, if your shop window is lacking any of the below credentials, you’re not going to get any sales! Neither will you get sales by playing it safe on your LinkedIn profile, particularly if you’re simply stating what you’ve done and not what you can do (i.e. solve their problems).

So without solid foundations in place, you are going to start wondering why you’re having limited success with your applications, Resumes, CV and anything else you decide to do!

I see lovely posts in my LinkedIn Group such as, “I’ve finally got a job after 9 months!” – This is great news but seriously, what is the actually cost of not having a job for 9 months compared to employing an expert?  See it as a ROI…

Some signs that your foundations are seriously lacking!

  • Your CV/Resume is not getting the response you hoped for.
  • You’re struggling to get people to check you out on LinkedIn.
  • You’re frustrated and unsure what to do next to get yourself HIRED.
  • You’ve listened to webinars and checked out website after website on Job Search strategies and then keep changing things on a whim!
  • You know that you need to be different in order to stand out (you remember my catch phrase which is ‘Get Noticed, Get Hired’) but what exactly does this mean?
  • You know you need to work out what makes you different and figure out why a company should hire you (but this seems like such a mountain to climb, you would rather just quit now!)
  • You know you need some focus and motivation because you’re fed up of feeling that you’re not on the right track!

Does all or some of this sound familiar?  Most job seekers end up at this stage at some point and the ones that are successful, recognise this and get OUT of it swiftly so they don’t get dragged down into the procrastination game and sucked into the negative mentality that it will never happen.

So when I talk about getting your shop window in order…  

This is the stuff that NEEDS to be done before you contact a recruiter and before you approach a company as you only get one chance to IMPRESS them. Once you start contacting people, this is when they will look at your profile and either say “WOW – this guy or gal really gets us and what we need” or….well, need I say it? Trust me, no “WOW” ever started with, “I have worked for 15 years in Finance and I can do X, Y & Z”, sorry for being so blunt!

  • I will work with you to create your message – this is my message. I focus on one thing and my message is really clear. I am a Global Careers Consultant and I know that I can get you hired. I can help you figure out your USP i.e. your Unique Selling Point which will showcase how you can solve a company’s problems. We do this in a 3 stage approach …

If you’re unclear about your shop window, you’re not the only one. Your (would-be) hiring managers are pretty confused too.  Seriously, when you REALLY think about it, you don’t make it easy for them. I will make it so simple for you to get HIRED.  So only when your shop window is in place, do you then need to look at the next issue – getting you NOTICED!

The question is are you ready?

As always “Get Noticed, Get Hired”