You will have noticed how I was offering a free coaching session. This message came straight into my inbox and I need to share it with you.

….. it was like I was reading my own story back.

This person was the clearest reminder of myself.

They brought memories back of how I was, how I felt, how frustrated I was and how tiring it all was at the time. You never forget, but you never remember as clearly, either. This email brought it all flooding back.

I remembered how all I wanted was someone to tell me what to do, and this person is looking for the same.

I found this email so important that I wanted to share it with you, and, in her words, not mine, this is what she said:

‘I feel all over the place. Too many places to learn new things. I was trying to learn website building, now I’m learning how to copywrite.’

I could relate straightaway and I knew exactly what this lady was missing.


We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule in so many different contexts. 20% of your time is spent on what will get the biggest results. However, by definition, that means 80% of your time is probably spent on stuff that’s not really needed at all. You could argue you could be wasting your time, and time really is money.

So, the killer question is this: what should you be focusing your time on?

The answer is so simple and I just wish somebody had told me it when my own mind was going around in circles.

I was once that lady and was told by my own coach that I was hiding behind my website. Ouch! It hurt, but she was right. However, I just didn’t know what I should be doing!

Now I do, and I’ve got the lowdown for you in place.

Your focus on sales is what makes you a business. Don’t let this scare you because if you aren’t focused on sales, you’re basically just playing around with a hobby, and hobbies don’t pay your bills or put food in your kids mouths.

So, the question is this – should this lady be focusing on learning the skillset to build a website, or should she be building the skillset to get clients chasing her?

Easy peasy – the only new skill set you need is how to get clients to come after you. If you want a website, you don’t need to do this yourself. Calculate the time that it will take you. Will it take a couple of days like you think? Nope. It absolutely won’t.

Even if you think you are good with tech, it will almost certainly take you longer than what you are expecting, leaving you going a little crazy in the process.

My advice is simple – OUTSOURCE what you just can’t do, or just leave it for a little while. I know lots and lots of people who made money without one, it’s not the be-all and end-all of business.


The only thing you need to learn right now is how to get clients. Nothing else is more important for your business than this.

The following just aren’t necessary:

  • Designing your Facebook page (Been there!)
  • Spending hours with a designer to make your logo (I’ve done this, too!)
  • SEO optimization (On my list!)
  • Getting professional videos made (Seriously…)
  • Getting professional photographs taken
  • Getting stationary design

All of these just take you further and further away from the real thing that your business absolutely and undeniably needs – CLIENTS!

I could go on and on with my list and at least I can laugh at myself now, but at the time I was lost in what I thought I needed to be doing. When I told you this woman reminded me of me, I wasn’t lying!

This trial and error process that I’m talking about, which I’m sure is something you’re also going through, is the completely wrong way to go about business. You need direction and you need to get away from anything that isn’t helping you find your way.

I am launching a course that is totally designed to give you that all-important direction. It will help you to scratch that 20% ratio and turn it into 100% of the right things, at the right time.

Drop the stab in the dark approach and get real. If had the slightest chance of working, it would have by now. Being a passive person who is using an ad-hoc approach to finding clients will get you nowhere.

My system is just 9 steps and this, my lovely friend, is what you need to concentrate on.

By creating a plan, we create structure. No more second-guessing. No more stabbing in the dark. No hoping it’ll work. Think about how good the following would be:

  • Knowing exactly what you need to do to attract companies/clients to you.
  • Being able to automate the process.
  • Not having to pay silly advertising costs.
  • Being able to do all of this from the comfort of your laptop, whenever you want.

Unless you want to be a website designer, stop concentrating on trying to be a Jack of all trades and master your own. It is very easy to lose our way when we start a business as we think that we can do everything. But we can’t, and as human beings, we aren’t programmed to be able to do it all, otherwise, we would all be the same.

Guess what that means? You can start to have a life that doesn’t completely revolve around business!

Want that life back soon? No problem – my small group course will start soon to get clients and companies chasing you!

I’m here to give you real advice, real direction and real skills that will make sure you never have to return to the current state that you’re in. I’ll work with you on a personal level to make sure that you get everything you need from the course. This isn’t a send you a generic email and hope for the best kind of deal, it’s a genuine, one-on-one kind of deal that brings with it invaluable skills.

If your decision makers, managers, clients, companies and head honchos are on LinkedIn then we can work together. I will work with people who I am confident in and who I’m confident will get results. I’m not here to waste your time which is why it’s important to follow the application process to make sure we can work together properly.

I’m not here to take your money and run, if you’re not ready, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you why and I’ll see you next time.

What have you got to lose? Nothing.

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This 60 minute complimentary consultation is going to be an eye-opening session. 

In this session you will learn:

1. Determine the #1 reason why you are struggling to get clients and get those clients consistently.

2. Create a sense of clarity and learn why you need to FOCUS on just one thing to Get Clients Chasing You.

3. Identify the most important next steps that you need to take.

4. Discover the building blocks you need to have in place to achieve what you want.

5. Learn how to FOCUS on what matters – sales, and learn why you should not focus on anything else.

If you are in fact serious about taking action, I would rather you did this sooner rather than later as because

1) while you are doing nothing, opportunities are passing you by and

2) there is a limit to how many free consultations I can provide.

That said, if you don’t get in quick enough to earn a free consultation with me, I don’t ever turn anyone away and regardless of whether I can offer you all of my personal attention or not, I will at least be able to point you in the right direction as to how you should move forward.

Therefore, this is a win/win situation for you!

Speak to you very soon, Sue