You’ve got a job but you’re starting to realise that you need to move on.

You have no idea how long it will take to find another opportunity – it may be tomorrow, but at the same time, it could take 6 months. So, in the meantime, get the best out of your employer – it’s a win/win situation as it will also keep you motivated whilst you’re looking.

Have you ever thought about what you could do to get the most out of your job now? The ‘things’ that I’m talking about will help to keep you motivated in the meantime, making sure you carry on excelling in your current role – we don’t want you getting bored, do we?

No 1

Work out what training is available, something that is not just useful for your current role but could also be relevant for your next position.

No 2

Don’t forget to network – don’t be blatant about the fact that you are looking for a new job, but make sure that you start connecting with everyone you meet on LinkedIn, and if they could be relevant to you in the future, suggest you meet up for a chat.  Linkedin is a great way to network check out the 4 free video series to learn how and what you can do today!

No 3

Are you a member of a professional association?  Well, why not join one and see if your employer is willing to pay your membership or worst case scenario, contribute to it.  Start making yourself known, find out what you can do to get yourself noticed; maybe attend a few networking meetings – see if you can get actively involved in events and conferences or maybe contribute as a key speaker.  Look at ways to challenge that comfort zone!

Change how you show up to the world, level up in your career now! ⇨ Let’s Connect on LinkedIn!

Best wishes,