OK, so you’ve been hired! It will be no surprise to you if I said that you are still an unknown quantity in your role, as your new employer will still be questioning whether or not they have chosen the RIGHT person for the job.

So wouldn’t it be great for your Manager to KNOW they have in fact chosen the right person from day 1? Wouldn’t it be great for them to know and believe they have chosen the correct person and that person is YOU?

I’m going to share a super easy way to help your Manager get rid of those doubts.

This is such a simple thing to do, so keep reading…

You and I both know that Managers are busy and yet even though the word “Manager” implies they should be managing YOU, this is not always the case…so let’s turn this around and let me show you HOW TO MANAGE YOUR BOSS!

The way you do this is by giving them what they want. They need communication (although they might not recognise this themselves); they need to know that you understand their business and their concerns and that you’re concentrating and focused on this stuff from day 1.

This is why spending some time identifying the most urgent priorities is really worth its weight in gold. Although you may already have done this, have you actually communicated your goals and aims to your boss?

The easiest way to keep them in the loop, particularly as a brand new hire, is to have that conversation.

This is where the 30 Day Plan comes into play, although you may have used this already in your Interview Success Kit, this great document can be showcased yet again once you’ve gained that all important role.


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So this is how I would do it!

I would spend your first couple of days gaining some insight into what your role actually involves and what needs to be done – the best way to do this is the old fashioned way of actually speaking to people. Get some notes down on paper and be creative, sometimes seeing things as an outsider, it is easier to see the wood from the trees and therefore, simpler to see if the current ways of doing things are the best ways – is there room for improvement?

Now you can take this as far as you like, you could even compile a SWOT analysis on your own department, obviously if you are the CEO well, it would need to be the whole company.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. You may want to start evaluating what works and what does not and to compile this analysis over the first 3 months, however we don’t have 3 months, I promised you one week to impress your boss!

My strategy would be to work out by the end of week 1 what you feel you need to be concentrating on in the next month. In order to make this happen, schedule an appointment in now with your boss, suggest that you would love a quick meeting to suggest what you feel is most pressing and what you think your priorities look like and ask him/her for their ideas as well.

Don’t expect them to JUST TELL YOU.


You’ve been with the company for one week, I’m not saying you’re going to know it all, you won’t, but you will by now have a fair idea about what your priorities could be and what you think requires your attention. By doing this, you can take control and create the job you want.

Create the 30 Day Plan – don’t forget a blueprint is included, but do use and add your own ideas. BOOK that appointment with your boss for next Monday, I know what you’re saying, I can’t – I’ve not completed the plan yet. YOU CAN. This will motivate you to do it. No excuses, just send a quick email now if you can and then start working on what you feel your priorities should be.

Discuss them with your Manager, be open to feedback and then formulate a new plan based on what was agreed. Send this to your Manager (via email) and schedule a follow up appointment 30 days later to review what you’ve agreed and what’s been actioned since the first meeting.

When one of my clients did this, she received exemplary feedback because she was so well prepared. If you’re making this happen in the first week, they’re going to KNOW that they’ve definitely chosen the right person.

Let that person be you!

You’ve got 3 options…

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As always Get Noticed, Get Hired.


“If it is important you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse”