Some people like them! Some people don’t mind them and others just absolutely hate them!

My other half falls into the latter camp – he hates them!

Do you hate interviews? Do they send you into a spin, even the mention of the word?

The thing is, if you ever want to find employment, at some point – you will face some kind of interview (whether formal or informal). Therefore, you do need to face your demons head on and slay that dragon! Not only do you want to do well at interviews, you need to excel – so much so, that they actually choose YOU over and above any other candidate.

Think about it for a second.

How much do you really want that job? I mean, really how much – can you almost taste it?

Well, the only thing stopping you is the other 8 candidates that are also going for the interview.

How are you going to get past those candidates?

Maybe you’ve not yet seen that “ideal” job but in your gut, you know that interview skills are something that you do actually need to improve on?

So, my question to you is pretty simple…

Are you prepared to gamble that salary? Are you prepared to take that chance and not hire the professional help you need to ensure that YOU are the preferred candidate?

How much was that salary again?

Now, you don’t need to take my word on how powerful these skills could be to you. See my client’s email, she is looking for her next HR Director position.

She has managed to secure 2nd interview at two high level roles.

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Work with me 121, go from average at interview to finally being a pro, literally get hired each and every time. You won’t even need to see this as chore, because this is an intensive session….once learnt it’s like riding a bike – you’ve got it for life!

I can promise you one thing, if you don’t hone your skills – your competitor will be doing just that!  Join me now and this is exactly what you will receive!

  1. As this is one of my VIP services, you and I will run through a mock interview – (just relax – make any mistakes you like with me – because by the end of the session you will be a pro!).
  2. You will get a little bit of homework before our session (all I’m asking is for you to read “How to be Top Dog at Interview” – don’t worry it’s not War and Peace!).
  3. When we get together via Skype or Zoom (easy to set up), I will show you step by step what I am looking for…
  4. In this session, I will also show you the No. 1 major question you can ask, that will turn this interview into a conversation and get the interviewer completely on your side. This is so simple to implement and if you master this, trust me, you WILL be the preferred candidate!
  5. I am obviously not an expert in your particular field or industry – but guess what, this does not matter – because I am looking at how you structure your answers to those key questions.
  6. I will also show you how to excel in the interview(s) and how you can implement the Interview Success Kit! 
  7. For when you do land that job, I will even show you how to impress the Boss! So, just in case they have any doubts – in terms of “have we hired the right person?”; I will show you how we can eliminate these worries in the first week!

Added Bonus – you said… I listened!

1. You wanted a recording of the session, that’s exactly what you will get!

2. You said you want to be able to negotiate a higher level salary – well guess what, that’s exactly what I will show YOU!

Join me now and enrol for ‘BE THE ONE AT INTERVIEW’ – CLICK HERE NOW.

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As always, Get Hired, Get Noticed.