I’m not here to con you, however, I am here to give you a wake-up call!

Did you know that we are likely to put more thought into planning a two week vacation than a career?

So although you may not like to think about it, you know I’m right don’t you?

I’m going to spell it out to you….

How hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to find you! – (meaning you really need to do  something about that profile today!)

LinkedIn is used by thousands of recruiters to find the RIGHT candidate.

They find potential candidates by searching via key words (don’t simply copy a list of key words into your profile, I know what you’re thinking!). So let’s imagine that they search on a key word and come across you…

What will they see? Well, step into the shoes of a recruiter…

If a recruiter is going to recommend you as a potential candidate to a company, they’ve got to feel confident that you are the right person for that business. If all you have is a bland, vanilla, carbon copy of everyone else’s profile out there, you are not going to stand out from anyone else. Let me spell it out to you, you HAVE to be different and know what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is. There is no way a recruiter will recruit you unless you stand out as exceptional, after all, it’s their reputation on the line.

So a profile that has the ‘Wow’ factor is going to give them confidence for sure!

How do YOU get that wow factor?

Come and work with me!

LinkedIn and selection process!

LinkedIn IS very often used in the selection process. Seriously, think about it, if you had 10 potential candidates – what’s the first thing that you would do? Check them out online of course! Before they ever, ever contact you!

Why leave it to chance?

Why not give yourself the competitive advantage now?

LinkedIn ranks highly in Google…

So, if they checked you out online – what are they likely to find? A bland, boring profile that could actually put doubt in their mind, or will it fill them with confidence? Would you pick YOU from a list of 10 potential candidates based on your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn can be used to get you top of mind.

Help build you as a brand. LinkedIn can be utilised so that when there is a vacancy available, people will automatically think of you!

You can try and DIY it for sure – but you and I both know you’ll make mistakes because frankly, you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s going to be pretty hit and miss.

You may hit some things – but at the same time you could lose valuable opportunities whilst you’re experimenting and trying to get it right.

Do the Maths? What is that job worth to you? Can you afford to lose out?

  • What would it be like to get opportunities coming to you rather than you chasing job after job?
  •  Is your LinkedIn profile like a magnet – does it make me want me to read it or is it just waffle?

Come on, this stuff is like riding a bike. Once you’ve learned these skills, you’ll have them for life. So back to that holiday, yes that two-week vacation is no doubt fun – BUT when have YOU actually invested in your own career????

It’s an investment that is seriously worth it!

I don’t know of any other investment that can literally add THOUSANDS to your bank account and redundant proof your job!

Join me and sign up today. I have packages to SUIT ALL budgets so please…every one of us can afford this.

If you’re not willing to invest in you and your future, why should someone else?

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So come on – what are you waiting for?

As always, Get Noticed, Get Hired!