Take a look at the subject line of this blog.

Does it sound familiar? How may times a day do you ask yourself this same question?

Between trying to find jobs which interest you and those that you wish to apply for and what with having to update your CV/Resume for every job application that you make (hopefully you are doing this!); it’s probably starting to feel a little tedious by now.

So why is this exactly?

It’s probably a lot of things such as not knowing whether your CV/Resume is up to scratch, applying for jobs in an ad hoc manner, not being strategic, not following up with potential leads (remember your LinkedIn is one minefield of potential leads) – I could go on and on.

Or maybe it’s not really understanding what the company wants from you and how you can actually solve their problems; how you can add true value to your own proposition and persuade them that you have what it takes. We all have something to offer and we all have a different set of skills and qualities, you perhaps have just not yet worked out your USP (Unique Selling Point) and how you can adapt it to a potential employer’s requirements.  I keep saying this, you don’t need to be the BEST – you just need to be different.

Am I getting close?

I can almost hear you now, “Who has time to figure all that out?”

I do understand and yes I get your frustration, but if you’re doing this process the hard way and trying to figure all this stuff out by yourself, then you will realised how tough this actually is. You need to get this stuff sorted right now as you really don’t want that perfect job to suddenly come along – that job that you REALLY want, and you’re still a rookie, learning the ropes of this job search maze and screw it all up. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to work out that I may actually have a point.

Seriously, I know right now that it probably feels really hard and that you’re frustrated that what you’re doing is not working but I promise that if you decided to do this with guidance and support, you would get that dream job much more quickly. This is why I have two great options for you to work with me
It’s worked for my clients and it WILL work for you!
So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to turn your struggles into actual results.
Stop your excuses, stop saying you will do something about it.  Ask yourself “How long have you been thinking about doing something (“thinking” about it is my key point here), or maybe you have started but it’s more of an ad hoc approach and nothing is really happening?

Whatever your situation if you’re ready to go ALL IN and really make it count.  It’s time to end what you’ve been thinking in the back of your mind and actually DO something about it.

If you’re serious and I mean serious that you want things to change – than let’s chat and let’s get moving.

You deserve to get the results you want, so stop thinking and start doing.

I have two great ways that you can and I can work together via the LinkedIn Success Academy and the Bootcamp Job Club

If you’re unsure of next steps and want to work out which is the best method for you – the please do book a consultation here and let’s discuss!

Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn don’t forget to let me know it because of this blog.  

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