You’re great at your job. You know it and I know it.

I know this when I speak with you.

I can tell how committed you are and what you want and all the great things you’ve done.

However, it’s like YOU and I are in a secret club and we are the only ones who know how great you actually are.

The secret club you and I belong to involves you using a crappy CV/Resume and an average LinkedIn profile.

You’re modest you see. Well, I can only say that you are modest because when I speak to you I learn so many great things about you, but at times it can be like pulling teeth to get it out of you. However, I get there, I keep pushing and asking and then I find out things that can take you from average to outstanding….

  • You’re writing a book, I heard this last week (and it was closely related to work!)
  • You’ve won awards, been put forward for something or praised for something…
  • You’ve restructured your department and in the process achieved great things like I don’t know; improved sales, processes – you get what I mean!

Yet all I hear when I see your LinkedIn profile or CV is some buzz words such as I’m a great team leader, I’m motivated or driven. Well OMG! So are the rest of the population – I thought you were different!

I know you do a great job.

The trouble is, you may well have done a good job BUT, you’ve also done a really great job of hiding you.

  • Of blending in and of being mediocre.
  • Of being an average Joe Blog.
  • Of belonging to the secret job club where no-one knows how great you are.
  •  I believe the ideal candidate exists, you’ve just done a great job of being invisible.

You need to treat yourself as a business, the consequences if you don’t…are huge.

Being able to develop you as a business will mean that your message will get outside of the 4 walls you currently work in.

When you learn to do this, you will build yourself as the ‘go to person’ in your industry.

You will get job opportunities coming to you (before they advertise them!)

This is how I help my clients and I would love to help you, so get in touch!

Are you ready, or are those 4 walls going to keep you invisible?

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As always, Get Noticed, Get Hired!