You’re wasting your money on LinkedIn Premium and here’s why!

Can I be REALLY frank with you?  You’re a job seeker and if you’ve decide to take the plunge (or about to) subscribe to LinkedIn premium, DON’T!

The big reason why people sign up to LinkedIn Premium is due to INMAILS, being able to make connections with others…what if I showed you away around this!

You think that it’s the Holy Grail to finding a job?  Well, you can do this ALL on LinkedIn without paying for the privilege! Check out the video to learn how to do just that or click below!

Most of you are unfortunately just throwing your money in the bin!  It is doing nothing for you.  Zero, Zilch!  I know I’m being a bit harsh and you know what, I won’t apologise for this because it is the TRUTH.


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Ready for the next bad news!!!!!

The sad fact is that although you are making an effort, you are still not putting your BEST self forward as you haven’t learned how to utilise LinkedIn fully, create an online brand and sell yourself 

HOW ARE YOU MAKING potential employer interested in you & what you do?

So how can you find out whether you are falling into this trap?

Be honest with yourself – check out your LinkedIn profile. If you were a hiring manager would you want to employ yourself based on what you see?

  • When I work with clients I don’t do average, you know the C grade you may have got from your teacher back in the day.  I am talking the WOW factor and if your profile is anything less than this – it’s time to get back to the drawing board. The profile should make me SIT UP AND LISTEN, it should be the one that says – you REALLY want to check me out.  Does your profile have that kind of impact?


If you’re serious about moving forward I would love you to join my Linkedin Group called Be You, Get Noticed, Get Hired Network…this is aimed at those actively seeking new opportunities and those always on the lookout for the next big thing! If you are looking to keep your job search a secret (it does not need to appear on your LinkedIn profile you can make the group invisible)

My name is Sue, I am a Career Coach,
I love helping people, but my approach is different from some.   I’m not afraid to tell you exactly how it is – I won’t tell empty platitudes and gloss over what’s important. If your Resume lacks punch, guess what I will tell you and other things as well (in a loving way of course) but the point I am trying to spell out.
Do you want to get HIRED?  Then why oh why are you making it hard on yourself?  Why are you going round and round in circles trying to figure it all out!  Just as you may have been considering LinkedIn Premium or you are currently using it!
The DIY approach is not always best! – This takes time, check out my previous blog post to see why…
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P.S. Don’t forget if you have brought from Susan Burke Careers or the LinkedIn Success Academy you can simply upgrade!  This means whatever you have paid you get this taken off the price (obviously the product or service needs to be greater!) for further details just get in touch.