Do me a favour – take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the most important things that you look for in life.

I’m going to go out on a limb and put it out there that the majority of people have written the following:

  • A good job
  • A partner
  • Family
  • A home
  • A nice lifestyle

I might not be completely on the money, but I bet I’ve got the basic gist.

So, would you be surprised if I told you that looking for the ideal job is completely comparable to finding another thing on the list – a partner.

In an era where the digital age is very much at the forefront of daily life, many people are turning to the net to find the things that they want most. Job hunting and partner hunting are the two that are up there, and both are very similar.

It’s true!

I’m not talking taking a swipe on Tinder and I’m hoping that you won’t be put in the eye line of the next crazy text stalker, I’m talking about something a little deeper and a little more meaningful.

Think about it – let’s compare the processes:

  • You are initially drawn in by aesthetics

As shallow as it is, when you indulge in a spot of online dating, the first thing that will grab most people about a person is what they look like. What is the job search equivalent? Job title. If you like what you see, you’ll go for it. Having two CVs/Resumes that look the part – one for recruiters and one that is robot friendly, means that you can upload to job sites and have your credentials read by a real human!

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  • When you delve a little deeper, you start to go over your compatibility in your head

So – you’ve taken the plunge and clicked through to somebody’s profile, and now you’re reading their bio. When you do this, you start pairing them up with you in your mind and making decisions as to whether you think you will get on.

Job search equivalent – job specification & interview; you read through in order to determine whether you think you can do the job and whether the job is a good fit for you. The interview is a two-way street and documents such as the Interview Success Kit show you how to stand out!

  • There is no obligation

Relevant for both – if you don’t like what you see, you can move on and look for something or someone else. Not for you? No problem, nobody even has to know you’ve let them down!

  • Confidence boost

Online dating and online job searching are brilliant because you can do both with an element of confidence; nobody is over your shoulder telling you that you can’t get that person, or you can’t get that job – making you more likely to take the plunge with something or someone that you may not have before.

The anonymity the internet can bring, along with the ease of not seeing somebody face to face when you’re putting yourself out there, can give people another layer of confidence – if you get rejected – so what, nobody is there to see!

Keep going and try to understand why you’re not getting the interviews or dates that you need; by going back to basics you can combat rejection! Check and amend that CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile – become the bait that someone wants to catch!

  • Chemistry is key

Without chemistry – you have nothing in either scenario! I work with high achievers, freelancers, and executives, and in both arenas, they will look for a job role or partner that complements what they do – they crave the chemistry!

Just as you need chemistry with a potential partner, you need chemistry with a potential employer, or both end results will come to a stalemate.

As a careers coach, my speciality is getting people hired. I love working with executives, high achievers, and freelancers and I manage to get them in the eye line of the most important people who can push them up the career ladder.

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