Time and time again I see glaring mistakes on LinkedIn profiles. I want to make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes and if you are, well at least you will know and you can do something about it – fast!

I am talking about the picture you use; and yes I am talking to you as well if you have no picture. Studies have shown you are 11 times less likely to be viewed without a picture. There should be no such thing as keeping a low profile on LinkedIn (although I have noticed for some of you this is how you like it!)

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and I will prove this to you with the shots below! (Can I ask, what are you doing in the pic below?)

Here are my tips:

  • Don’t use an avatar picture; I want to see you not a picture of a cute puppy or a cartoon character!
  • Do choose a plain background; I don’t want to be distracted by your wallpaper or your kitchen in the background.
  • Don’t have people guessing which one is you in the picture!
  • If you have managed to get a pic with a celebrity or your favourite MP, well keep it under your pillow you don’t need it as a LinkedIn profile pic!
  • Don’t use a ‘make do’ picture where you have obviously chopped the other person out of the photo; something like the one below!

LinkedIn images from andrewmacarthy.com

So what makes a good picture? (and more examples of bad profile pics!)

A good picture is a head and shoulders shot of you, ideally without sunglasses or hat and without a distracting background. I do hope that helps; oh and one final thing, remove the wedding picture – yes congrats but come on that’s for your Facebook page not your LinkedIn profile!

So if a picture is worth a 1000 words, be honest with yourself what does your picture say of you? When I worked with the Armed Forces there was a man who wanted to get a civilian job but was wearing his military uniform. Although I admit I like a uniform – on this occasion, it would have been more appropriate not to wear it as it didn’t give the right impression – remember he was looking to move into Civvy Street.

I am not expecting you to get a professional picture taken, a good old camera will do the job. Although please no selfies or shots of you on a glamorous night out in Liverpool (well I can say that as I’m from that great city!)

Think, picture = professional; you could argue this as it does depend on the profession so feel free to discuss.

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