Get Business Savvy…I must admit it drives me a little crazy when I see a poorly executed LinkedIn profile. Check out the before and after shots below:-

See what I mean? The before shot does nothing to make us want to read further, in fact I think it does the opposite, I just want to hit cancel and move on! However, now check out the after shot; this guy appears to know his stuff, you want to read on and feel instantly more confident with this profile.

This is the same man he has just had a LinkedIn Makeover.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new job or not, getting your LinkedIn profile up to scratch is a MUST for EVERYONE as people will evaluate you based on it. So whether you are actively looking for a job, in year 1 at University or an Executive at a top firm (and have no plans to move just yet) this is applicable to you as well!

To make this easier for you I have created a FREE 4 step training programme – just sign up here take 30 seconds max! If this is just not your cup of tea, feel free to share the training with others.

The free 4 video series covers:

  1. The truth about recruitment, what you need to do and why you need to break the rules to land your perfect job.
  2. A great LinkedIn hack so you don’t need to pay for LinkedIn Premium – (this will save you a ton of money in itself!)
  3. How to connect with (ANYONE!!) on LinkedIn & why this is a great way to network and build relationships.
  4. How to get your LinkedIn profile working in the REAL world not just the virtual!

Best wishes