I was talking with a client today; it was a great call.

She was resisting doing things – and, deep down she knew she was. It was like the BIG elephant in the room. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we had made fantastic progress, but I wanted to up-level further.

So, we continued the theme – what are you resisting the most? In fact, this could also be a great exercise for you as well. Write down the top 5 things you are resisting doing that you know if you did – would make the difference? I like to tell you I’m immune to this – but I’m not. For example, I rent out a few houses, and I need to re-look at this in more detail from a financial point of view. Yet have I? No. Will I? Err, only when I schedule the time in to make it happen? You see my point?

So, whether it’s with job search – having a chat with a career coach could be on your list. (Yes, that’s a hint!) Or it could just be general life stuff, like setting up a savings account. What I am trying to say is – what are you resisting? What do you need to do to make it happen?

My dad used to say to me “Sue you just need to take a break and THINK and then DO.”  The THINKING is your chance to create the plan of what you want – to focus and then DOING is so easy.  It’s literally scheduling the time to make it happen. Otherwise, it’s a wish and wishes don’t come true without action – sorry to break it to you!

People say they want things.
They say it, but then I don’t SEE the ACTION that goes with those words.

The biggest results only come when you start doing what you are resisting the most.  For example, we are creatures of habit; we like to do things which we know we can do.

Building you as a brand is not something that is easy to do.
But it is definitely the thing you need to do most!
This is for everyone – no exceptions.

Getting a great job that you enjoy is not easy to do.
It is possible, but the REAL results come from action.

Anyway, back to my client, what she was resisting, funnily enough, is where she would SEE the BIGGEST results. Sometimes it does not make any sense why we do or don’t do things – but realizing this and moving on is the best thing YOU can do.

As always get noticed, get hired.


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  • You’re in a job at present – and you’ve made the decision that it’s time to search for your next position. Don’t let this go on a never ending to-do list. Do it today!

The ultimate result of working with me is that not only will you have a plan to find your job; you will know what to do every day to make it happen and get the result you want in less time.

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