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Being seen as extremely professional at interview is easier than you think. I’m about to show you how you can stand shoulders above anyone else just by making sure you follow a couple of rules.

Remember this – an employer has a problem; a gap to fill. They are hiring you to solve that problem. So you need to work out what problem they have, what skill/experience gap they have and that will tell you how you can solve their problem and what you need to say.

So, for example, if they are hiring a Sales Manager or Business Development Manager and their end goal is that they want somebody who can sell their business and their products or services, what exactly do they want you to sell and how are they expecting you to do it? Are they launching a new product? How can you assist? Remember anything that you say must be evidenced with examples of experiences that you have had and what you have done in the past.

Tell them stories of how you have managed to showcase your skills and how you have put them to good practical use in a business environment. If you don’t have a business background per se, think about how you have utilised your skills and experience as a volunteer or in the community; what results you achieved and how you went about getting there. As I’ve said before, don’t assume that they have thoroughly read your application, and even if they have, they may well have forgotten as they read so many. Treat the interview as if they know nothing about you. Zero. That way you can’t go wrong. Quantify things whenever possible.

In preparation for your interview, check yourself out for any strange mannerisms! If necessary, practice talking to yourself in front of a mirror (I know it sounds a bit mad!). Personally, I have a habit of waving my hands around, not the best look! Work out what your little quirks are and get them in check. I have to lock my hands tight to stop those hands waving around like a mad woman. So what’s your thing that you do when the pressure is on, and how are you going to stop yourself doing it?

The next stage is ‘BE REMEMBERED’. Regardless of how well you’ve done. No matter how well you have developed a rapport with the interviewer, remember they are often interviewing many people for the same job in a single day. Make it easy for them to remember you, by using the Employer Toolkit/Interview Toolkit do check out the “30 Day Plan” and “What can I offer your company from day 1” something you may not be used to, but something that will work well to get you Noticed to get Hired.  (see below)

Yes, I have mentioned this previously in part 1, but I want to REALLY drill this home.   So let’s consider the background stuff again, this is so important.

  • Interviewing you is possibly not their full-time job, this is an additional responsibility.
  • Like anyone else, they may have family/friend/personal matters floating around in their head.
  • Not to mention the 100 odd emails that will land in their inbox just whilst they are taking time out to interview you.
  • They are likely to be interviewing maybe 6 to 8 people in that day.
  • They are unlikely to be making a final decision on that day.

This is a REAL problem.

No matter how much rapport you develop at the time of the interview, the fact is, these people are busy, meaning the biggest barrier you face is that they could forget you.  If they forget who you are, you don’t stand a chance of getting that job, you prepped and prepared for.  I don’t want this for you.

This is why I’ve developed the “Ultimate Employer Toolkit”. This will ensure that you know how to be remembered for the RIGHT reasons by coming across as professional and competent in the interview.  (check out the “30 Day Plan” and “What I can offer your company from Day 1”) see below…

This is exactly what you get, built for you templates you can amend in Word, with examples on what to say at each stage to get you HIRED.  

Introducing the Deluxe Functional CV/Resume

The Functional Deluxe CV template available in A4/US size and step by step instructions in what to say!

Introducing the matching cover letter and business card


  • You get the Creative CV template (which includes Word, Cover Letter and business card) provides step by step guidelines on what to say.  (Available in US and A4 Size)
  • The Ultimate Interview Toolkit, including the 30 Day Plan to show off at interview and the “What I can offer your company from day 1” again detailed guidelines on what to say with examples included. (In your pack you can choose from Mocha, Amber, and Aqua, again available in US and A4 Size)
  • Robot Friendly CV, ideal if you are uploading your CV to job sites.
  • As well as the spreadsheet Tracker, you know how it is when you start connecting with decision makers and sending out your CV or application it all starts to become a bit of blur, this will keep you organised and on track on who to follow up with.

Introducing the Robot Friendly CV

Find out why you need the Robot Friendly CV, click here

Introducing the Tracker

When you start your job search, it can become a bit of blur.  Who you sent your application or CV to, who you need to follow up.  This spreadsheet is the called the TRACKER simple to use, so you don’t get confused when someone calls! If you got Excel you can use this!

Introducing the 30 Day Plan

A 30-day plan can be sent with job application along with resume & cover letter or presented in an interview. I believe presenting a 30-day plan of your activities will make you stand out from other applicants and create a positive first impression.

Introducing what I can offer your company from day 1

This is your Interview Success Kit & Trust me this will do the job, it will help you answer the question “what I can offer your company” and trust me use this will get you remembered in a good way!

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