Does this sound familiar?

You can review website after website on careers and let’s be honest, get bored to death in the meantime. Trawling through hundreds of sites to get all of the information you need is – well, let’s face it, extremely tedious! Think about when you’re searching for a holiday, looking at deal after deal – after a while everything looks exactly the same!

The problem with this approach is that you also get competing opinions…

Yes, the so called “experts” telling you to set things out a certain way or do this or do that. I’ve received emails from potential clients saying….

“Hey another career coach told me to do it this this way”….  I can sense it in your email, that you think I’m wrong!”  

But then I’m sure that when another so called “expert” suggests another approach, you’re back tweaking your CV/Resume or LinkedIn profile yet again.

Does this sound familiar?

This is pretty frustrating and it’s pretty frustrating for me as well. This is why I wanted to share with you a couple of points (and then you can decide who to listen to and why those competing opinions won’t actually matter any more!)

Firstly this is not Maths – it’s subjective so there is no definitive answer, it’s not 2 + 2 = 4.

However don’t panic, I wanted to really explain how I work (then you can work out whether you actually want to keep tweaking and changing your LinkedIn, CV /Resume on a whim simply because a so called experts said you should!)

I work differently to other Career Coaches. I recognise that you are pretty much perfect the way you are already. What I am looking to do is to help you articulate yourself better when it really matters, which will help you to secure that all-important job. By helping you to understand exactly what it is that companies are looking for, we have a greater chance of success together. My philosophy is derived from the following three core goals:

1.  You’re the Service Provider

You develop your employer toolkit i.e. your CV/Resume, LinkedIn profile and website (if applicable), with the organisation in mind.

2. You’re the Problem Solver

You recognise a business only employs staff because they have a problem to solve. If they did not have problems they wouldn’t need you! You get hired because you can fix those issues.

3.  You’re the Communicator

You recognise the need to communicate your message in a clear, concise way, focusing on your Unique Selling Point and combining this with what the company needs! Learning to do this can not only help you get hired, but it has numerous other benefits. It can redundant-proof your job and help to build you as a brand, so that you never have to apply for a job again.

Like how I work?  Come and find out more…

My services include the Bootcamp Job Club: this is a 5-module online class that will ultimately get you HIRED. You also have access to me through the members-only LinkedIn group, think of it like a Career Coach at your beck and call!  It comes with the LinkedIn Success Academy and all the supporting  for example, the Interview Success Toolkit, Robot Friendly CV and Creative CV templates. What makes the Bootcamp Job Club really amazing is the fact that it will brand and position you (don’t worry, introverts, this is not a one size fits all approach so next time you need to get hired). It will make this process job search redundant and you will be getting in through the back door. To find out more click here.

The LinkedIn Success Academy is an online course designed to help you leverage LinkedIn in a more effective way. It recognises that most profiles are ‘vanilla’, or average, and that you need to “Get Noticed, To Get Hired”. It also comes with a 20 minute 1-2-1 strategy session to help you move forward in your job search. Additionally, you will receive a free Creative CV Template and email scripts designed to get a response from people (who you may not even know), with one goal: to get you HIRED. You can get immediate access here.


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