You get it, you understand you have to sell yourself in order to get hired.  If you struggle with this, you are not alone.  I have worked with sales people, who can sell any product or service but when it comes to SELLING themselves – they struggle to be able to do it.

You have to learn to articulate you.

Yes, that’s easy said than done. I hear you.  I do.

Once you understand what you STAND for, or let me put it another way, what your UNIQUE SELLING POINTS are, you will feel more confident in being able to sell yourself.

You will learn how you are different and, (I have said this time and time again), that you don’t need to be better than someone else to get the JOB.  You simply need to be different (feel free to check out a previous blog).

If you don’t figure this message out – then it won’t filter through to the other mediums you use to advertise your skills.  You see, you are already using different mediums to sell YOU and get YOUR message out there, things like your CV/Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter, Interview and Networking on and offline.

People are often slow to see where they are failing and it may all be down to just not understanding exactly what it is they want/need and not having the ability to sell themselves in the right way.

These skills are the things that can open doors; that can literally get your butt on the interview seat; or will make that random someone want to call you and offer you an informal chat/interview over coffee!

You cannot overestimate the importance of these skills and mediums which can deliver a big investment.

So do a quick test, jump over to your LinkedIn profile or any of the previously mentioned documents and ask yourself the following questions.

  • What do I stand for?  What is your USP and is this clear in your job seeker toolkit?
  • Is it obvious which job you want!  I know this sounds crazy, but often I have ask clients what are they expecting from their LinkedIn profiles – if you are looking for a job as Construction Project Manager in New Orleans, USA is this clear?
  • Finally, would you hire you?  Does your profile provide the WOW factor, (often seen in the summary profile), which makes me want to read on?  Or is just a little too vanilla, a little too vague with just a random statement along the lines of ‘looking for job opportunities’?

When you actually sit down and do this review, for many, the ‘penny soon drops’.

People start to realise that their profiles are bland, that they sound a little too vanilla and a lot like everyone else.

So if you really want to learn the secrets to a successful job search and would like to take advantage of Job Club Bootcamp and you can read more here 

P.S.  This is my USP in no particular order, trust me I do practice what I preach!

  • Motivating and inspiring you to believe it is possible.
  • The girl that can get YOU HIRED.
  • The girl who will get employers seeking you out, not the other way round!

As always “Get Noticed, Get Hired.”

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