I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but your CV is vanilla and I bet you’ve never even known!

The fact is that so many of you are suffering from what I call ‘CV Shame’ and as I said, it’s an epidemic – just like the Measles, you’ll soon know that you’ve got it.

You may think that your CV is the best, but unless you’re landing interviews left, right and centre – it’s probably not!

I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of CVs in the past and some of you (well most you), can talk a good game but the sad fact is that’s all it does – talk a good game.

Not everybody likes my honesty but wouldn’t you rather that I just told you the simple truth rather than let you carry on using that CV and for it to continue NOT to get the results you want?

Don’t shoot the messenger but most of you just sound like a Thesaurus, yes you’ve managed to squeeze some juicy adjectives into your CV and probably as many as you can into one paragraph – am I right? I know I’m harsh but it really just doesn’t work using big words unless you can back them up with evidence and statistics!

Go and check your CV this second, have you done this?

No proof, no statements to back up that you’ve actually got these skills and can show where and how you have put them into practice and what difference that made to the company and their results. If you can’t do that – you’re just blowing random words into the wind and it’s just a waste of time and space.

Take a look at CV/Resume below it sounds good but seriously anyway can add generic statements and fluffy adjectives!!!

BORING you’re doing exactly what EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING!

It’s average at best!

Ask a Hiring Manager whether can they spot a decent Resume/CV – of course they can.  They can spot it a mile away and if you go through a recruitment company, there’s a good chance that your CV won’t ever make it to the company as the recruitment company will spot your vanilla CV a mile off  – you just sound like everyone else and filter you out!

You don’t need a Thesaurus – what you need is me by your side!

So are you ready?  I’m looking for 5 committed individuals that are ready to go all in.  Yes all in.  People who want to make a difference and see change in what they do, not just their CVs but everything and anything that they put out into the world. Be great enough that you create opportunities that comes to you.

Well what are you waiting for?  Join now!

BUT…What I am REALLY teaching you is how to get hired so you never have to apply for a job again!

Now this is priceless!

Want to work with me?  

Are you up for the challenge?

If you are 100% committed to moving forward and what to get hired sooner, rather than later, it would be my pleasure to assist you. Feel free to book a free 121 career strategy session anywhere in the world by clicking this link!

 As always “Get Noticed, Get Hired”

Sincerely, Sue 🙂