You only know what you know right?

If you have never heard about it or nobody told you, well then it’s not your fault is it?  Wrong! 

So let’s give you a little example about what I mean here. You’re just about to go for an interview and they mentioned in the letter that it will be a competency based interview. You’re thinking – what the hell is that?  Or with all of the excitement, you may have even missed the fact or guess what, they simple didn’t even tell you which type of interview you’ll be having! So you’re not as prepared as you should be, and guess what, you’ve just missed out on what would have been an AMAZING job with this A* company, all because you didn’t know the basic rules!  No one told you!

This happens trust me, but saying you ‘never knew’, is not an excuse.

This is the sort of thing that I teach people about.  However, you need to be open to learning and recognise that you only know, what you know – some things need to be taught and you need to know now, not when it’s too late!

Let me give you another example!

Time and time again, I see that CV’s/Resumes that are either really naff or just really Joe Bloggs grade C – average.  The point I’m trying to make is that ‘they’ think their CV is good, however, most of the time I consider them to be suffering from what I would call, an epidemic of CV Shame!

If it was a disease such as measles and you could see it, you would know straight away, but the trouble with CV Shame is that it’s not obvious, and there are no tell-tale signs (to the untrained eye that is!).

You will get the message loud and clear in the end, when you’re wondering why your CV is not actually landing you a job, but again, it will be yet another missed opportunity because hey, you never knew as nobody told you!
The cost of learning versus the cost of NOT KNOWING and missing out BIG TIME, the choice is yours!  The DIY Method is flawed, let me show you what to do!

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Sincerely Sue