It’s not always all about me…it’s really all about you…

But I better give you a little bit of a rundown of who I am before we get started…

My name is Sue and I work with people who want to get hired. I don’t teach you how to chase companies – I teach you how to get them to chase you. I work with people who are struggling to make the right connections to get hired. I teach them how to use Linkedin to attract their dream job and/or dream clients.

By using LinkedIn, I help to build a visible brand that sparks interest and encourages engagement. Forget about applications. Forget about approaching companies. The best way to get hired is to get noticed in your own right.

I work with two types of people:

  • High-level executives and directors who feel they’ve gone stagnant and want a challenge
  • Freelancers or consultants, entrepreneurs or contractors – whatever name you go by, I’m here to help you get that consistent wage.

Do you find yourself asking the same questions…?

Director Levels

  • Is my resume/CV/LinkedIn profile bland and boring?
  • I’m on LinkedIn, but what do I do now?
  • I’m great at what I do, and I have a great reputation within my company, but how do I get the like, know, trust factor outside of those four walls?
  • How do I attract other companies to come to me?
  • Things have changed – what can I do to adapt? I know I can’t fire a CV out anymore, so what do I have to do now?


  • I’m sick of cold calling and attending networking meetings…how can I break the cycle?
  • I’m sick of suffering from feast and famine – how can I keep the work flowing, day in and day out?
  • I’m sick of worrying about money, sick of sleepless nights and that gut-wrenching feeling is making me ill. How can I feel confident that I know where my next wage is coming from?
  • How can I pick and choose clients so that I enjoy work?

The LinkedIn Success Academy is here to step in and take over.

As a careers coach, I am committed to everybody I work with; it is time for you to become the bait for companies!

Why work with me?

Because I practice what I preach. I am a business, I need to get hired and I get hired by using the strategies that I teach others.

I no longer need to go out and look for work. Work finds me.

I have a nine-step system in place that can be replicated over and over again, and it can even become automated.

That’s right, it works when you’re not even doing anything.

I learned very quickly that so many businesses are working almost as a hobby with a bit of pocket money. This is not how it should be.

I didn’t want to have a low paying job that left me with buttons – so I turned my business into something that all business owners want. A business that made revenue.


I marketed myself in a way that made my employers and clients chase me. This is now what I teach!

Making a name for myself

I moved 4 hours away from my home town and turned up in London, not knowing anybody, and in turn, nobody knew me, either.

I had to establish a name for myself in order to become visible to a city full of strangers, and building my reputation was all that I concentrated on.

I’m great at my job – but nobody knew that. I had to show them, and this is what you have to do, too.

This was a little daunting, but I spun it on its head and used it as a positive. This was my opportunity to grow and establish myself in a new place. The challenge was on, and I passed with flying colours.

Stop crossing your fingers…

CVs and Resume submittal isn’t a game of luck. Stop sending them off and hoping for the best. This won’t do you any favours.

You have to do so much more.

I turned my search from a reactive one to a proactive one and I made sure I got that great role that I was after. I had informal conversations that led to job offers, and even made a company create a role for me.

Not only did I manage to negotiate a 4-day week and a salary that reached figures I’d never achieved before, but I got to speak with government officials regarding careers in the UK and also had regular visits to the Cabinet Office.

Not bad for a job I didn’t even apply for.

Going solo…

Like many of you reading this, whilst I loved my job, I wanted to work for myself.

It was scary, but I knew that’s what I wanted, and I had to start by working out how to find clients consistently, something which most of you will want to do, too.

My lifestyle has done a complete 360 and I’ve built a life for myself that I never dreamed I’d have. As I write this, my little British self is sitting in a coffee shop in Germany. If someone would have told me how much I can change my life from then to now, I’d have laughed and said never. Never in a million years…

My timeline of events and experience is interesting and full of success, having moved from Liverpool to London to set up home with my then boyfriend, Carsten, getting a job, quitting a job, starting a business…phew! It makes me tired just thinking back!

My so-called business ended up failing and I had to claim benefits, which was as grim as grim can be. But I never gave up.

Sometimes you have to start from scratch and work your way up from the bottom. And that’s what I did.

My business started to support both of us and we left London, went to Spain and then hot-footed it back to Liverpool. Next thing I was pregnant, adopted a French Mastiff pooch (don’t ask!) and we were back on our way to Germany to have a wedding which was organised in just 10 days. On top of that, we had nowhere to live, were residing in holiday accommodation and then eventually we found our dream home, and everything fell into place…2 weeks before giving birth!

Baby James arrived, and everything was right with the world.

Now, breathe…

The past 5 years have been life changing for me and I’ve won awards as a global career coach, helping people to own the game that they most want to win.

I can help you with the ‘The Work of Life – Create a Living that Works for You’, and I wholeheartedly believe that you need to ‘Get Noticed to Get Hired’. I was finalised in the UK Career Development Awards and was elected to the UK council for the Career Development Institute.

I’ve spoken at high profile events such as the National Career Show and CDI, and I’ve published articles for the Telegraph, the Guardian and been a guest blogger on numerous sites including

All very prestigious, and all things that I’m very proud of.

If you are a high-level exec, director, or a freelancer like me and you want to get hired, then you and I need to talk!

Let’s schedule our first complimentary call now, and let’s get you on the right track to creating the life you love…

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As always, get noticed, get hired…

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