Meet Susan Burke

Susan Burke is an award-winning global careers coach helping you to “own the game you most want to win”. Sue works with C-suite executives, consultants, entrepreneurs and small businesses to generate clients and grow their businesses via LinkedIn.

Over the years, Susan has won many awards including the ‘Educate Awards’ in 2013, for a careers resource she created for young people. She was also a finalist in the ‘UK Career Development Awards’ in the same year.

In 2012, Susan was highly commended by the National Careers Award for “Innovative Approaches to Working with Students in Education” by The Institute of Career Guidance. However, her proudest moment was being elected to the UK council for the Career Development Institute, where she was a Representative providing career advice for young people.

Susan is an experienced high-profile speaker having spoken at 300 plus events including at the National Careers Show as well as other CDI conferences. She has also written and published articles for many national newspapers including the Telegraph and the Guardian, and is a guest blogger on numerous careers sites.

Susan began her career working with individuals and her books include Get Companies Chasing You, Be You Get Noticed, Get Hired Graduate CV and Learn, Unlearn & Relearn. She now also works with small businesses, training them in her proven method to generate sales leads and build relationships on LinkedIn.

You can connect with Susan Burke here on LinkedIn.

Meet the LSA team


I am the Queen of Content here at LSA; I will guide you on your journey while we create a solid sales pipeline, helping you to create content that truly speaks to and engages your customer.

I will learn all about you and your business so that I can help you to create killer content that will drive your customers towards valuable conversations with you.

LinkedIn will become our secret weapon that will lead your customers to conversations. I will help to create a CV/ Resume and LinkedIn profile designed to sell you!

We will fill up your diary with clients booked in to speak with you by creating a compelling strategy session.

We will work out all of your content and copy needs, from blog posts to marketing emails that will hook, engross, and demand engagement from your clients.

If it’s copy you need, I’m your girl. I have a wealth of experience and a long track record in content creation, from development, design, presentation, and analysis, to proofreading and editing – anything from a simple email to a best-selling eBook.

I’m a wordsmith and a grammar perfectionist. I love words almost as much as I love dogs!


…is your Personal LinkedIn Campaign Manager and will drive lead generation and awareness to your target market.

Usama is also in charge of LSA content marketing strategy and will be working closely with clients to ensure what we are doing for you is working effectively.

We will be generating weekly analytics reports for you and tweaking messages (with your approval). This is not based on a whim, but facts – those key analytics.

Usama will report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using predetermined KPIs.

Our job is to make it easier for you to respond to customer enquiries (as let’s face it, you’re the expert).

Experience has taught us that the LinkedIn inbox becomes a bit chaotic when a number of messages are flying in and out, so we decided to make it super simple, by providing you with access to a Google Sheet.

It’s so simple to use, you simply click on the sheet to see who’s messaged you, allowing you to respond in a timely manner.

Additionally, any new connections (you will love us), will be added to the Google sheet (including their email address), which will prove invaluable when we take the conversation off LinkedIn and across to your email provider.

Eulyn pic

I oversee the back-office at LSA and make sure that what we say we’ll do, gets done! I am in charge of managing all of our Joint Venture Partnership relationships, our own LinkedIn communications and other social media platforms, and I work hard to ensure Sue’s monthly webinars are packed full of attendees! I research potential collaborations and marketing initiatives to get LSA featured in publications and podcasts. I am at the heart of the LSA team, here to support everyone, keeping the LSA engine well-oiled!