The double impact LinkedIn and CV/Resume package

You’re a high-level executive, and you need a CV/Resume that is fit for purpose; one that gets you in front of the hiring manager.

Fully load your job search artillery for a cheaper combo price!

You also need a revamped LinkedIn profile. You want to get that recruiter and hiring manager’s attention, and you realise a company can ONLY evaluate you based on your Resume/CV and your LinkedIn profile – so it better be good. In fact, let’s make it clear, it needs to be better than good if you want to attract those high-level job offers – because if you don’t state your value, who else will?

My role is to make this process easier so that you don’t have to learn via trial and error and lose out on what should have been your job!

The secret to getting companies chasing you is to have killer foundations, and your CV/Resume and your LinkedIn profile need to be a part of that kit. It’s a necessity, without it you are going to get left behind.

A combination of my two top sellers

I named this package the Double Impact LinkedIn and Infinite Resume package because that is exactly what you get – a perfect CV/Resume and a killer LinkedIn profile. In both, I will help you to articulate exactly why a hiring manager will hire you. Why a recruiter will want to chase you!

I do this without the waffle. Say goodbye to boring buzzwords; writing that you are a ‘forward-thinking, hands-on, think out of the box employee’ won’t get you anywhere. I’ll tell the employer what your strengths are, without sending them to sleep!

= Double Impact

Sure, one without the other is OK – but OK isn’t always good enough; you need to have all bases covered to attract all of the opportunities that you are looking for.

I’m guessing you’re after a better salary, better prospects and a better lifestyle?

Aren’t we all? – Some people are just more willing to go the extra mile than others.

Even if you are happy in your current role – do you really want to do it forever?

If you want to move when the position is right for you, these two documents will get you to where you want to be – fast.

When you’re waiting for an invite to an interview, the silence of not knowing can be deafening. By being sure of everything that you’ve put forward, you are eliminating the self-doubt that comes if you have to play the waiting game, but you are also opening doors to welcome people to come to you.

Why do YOU need this?

It’s time to cover all of the bases – not just one.

Why does the combo work?

Because an employer can check your CV/Resume, then cross-reference your LinkedIn, or vice versa. You aren’t left vulnerable by having one without the other – instead you will look prepared and this preparation will allow you to ooze confidence.


Is this for YOU?

  • My full LinkedIn service, combined with my full CV rewrite service.
    No shortcuts, no reduced package – just a cheaper offer when you buy the two together.
  • Not located near me? No problem! To me, the job market is universal and location is just geography – I work with people all over the world in order to get them that role they are looking for with ease! I go around your availability and your time zone to ensure that everything is convenient for you, so we can get the best out of the package!
  • By getting to know the best version of you, I can sculpt your brand and manifest it in your two documents with ease.
  • What you’ll see when you get them back is all of your USPs in plain view, so you can see your desirability as an employee, and more importantly, so can employers.

Never do I work with a one-size fits all approach, and I get to know what you do intricately.
No fluffy approach and no sweet talking – I’m here to give you the tools to get that job, with no excuses!

Am I really as good as I say?

If you think getting a client an £80k a year job that he was approached for is good, then yes, I am! And I can do the same for you!

Are you ready to go?

Brilliant! Not quite sure yet? Enjoy being stuck on your current rung of the ladder!

Getting your LinkedIn and CV/Resume up to scratch in one go is much more effective and much cheaper than buying separately – you’d be mad to miss the opportunity!

What you get!

The Ultimate Result of working with me in this package is that we will create a Revamped LinkedIn profile and a perfect CV/Resume that are both bang on target for your audience.

This will show them clearly why you are the person for the job! This is for you whether you are looking for a new job or like the idea of companies chasing you! If you don’t SELL yourself, come on – how do you expect to ever get hired?

  1. A one hour 121 consultation where you and I work out your Unique Selling Point because you and I understand you ONLY get hired for 1 reason – they have a problem, and we need to emphasize why you are the SOLUTION.
  2. I will create 2 x CV/Resumes for you, one of which is Robot Friendly – great for job sites, and another which is more appropriate to send to the hiring manager. I call this the Creative Word Template version!
  3. You will receive a Ready-Made Cover Letter Word template, which you can amend and tweak for job postings.
  4. A way to capture and display your best work – showcasing the value you bring.
  5. A professional proofreader will review your CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile.
  6. Unlimited Revisions until you are satisfied with the work.
  7. Unlimited email correspondence.
  8. 30-minute follow-up session showcasing exactly how to use LinkedIn more like a database! Yes, content is king – but we still need to get you seen.

Added Bonuses!


How to by pass the recruiter and go direct to the Hiring Manager – introducing the Show & Tell Letter with step by step examples on how to use, which can be used in conjunction with your new CV.


How to get Famous in your Industry – Build Your Know, Like & Trust factor starting today.


Video to show you how to increase your chances of getting selected for interview each & every time with your new CV/Resume!


Turnaround times to suit you!

*Maximum 7 day return – £845/ approx $1098
*ASAP – 48 hours from start to finish – £899 / approx $1168 US dollars


You can get this service completely FREE if you upgrade to any other service of a higher value.

Yes, in order to get a CV/Resume which is geared to what the employer wants you and I will be speaking to each other, I will also send over a insight form which you will need to complete to get a better insight into the job you want and this form will help build your Resume/CV.

Once I’ve received this document, my work can begin!

Yes, you get what I call a creative CV template and I have plenty for you to choose from, all of which have been designed by a graphic designer. This is something you can send direct to the hiring manager or even upload to your LinkedIn profile.

In addition you also receive a robot Friendly CV – which is ideal when you intend to upload it to a job site.

You will get word versions (which means you can then edit the document as and when you need to) in addition I also supply a PDF documents as well, which is best if you are considering uploading your CV/Resume to your LinkedIn profile for example.

I need some input from you so it is important that the documents is complete for me to begin work and yes it would be fantastic to speak to you so we can hone in on what you need.
Sometimes you just want to chat to make sure you are choosing the right service for you! I get that, so let’s speak book your FREE Consult online (no matter where in the world you live!)