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If you manage sales teams or are a business owner, you will love these…

ROI Calculator

Work out how many clients you could generate using LinkedIn

Our bespoke ROI calculator shows you how to work out how much sales lead conversions are worth to you. All you need to know is how many new customers you would like to sign up each month and roughly how much each client is worth to you on average per year, and this calculator will tell you exactly how much our proven system could earn you every year.

So what are the 5 reasons why you should be selling on LinkedIn? (As if the ROI calculator isn’t enough!)

  1. No advert spend – you will never have to pay for an advert. We will teach you how to manipulate the LinkedIn database instead.
  1. You can automate the process. It is so simple. There is no need to make this process arduous. It can all be automated.
  1. It works 24/7! It works even when you are not – even when you’re asleep, you can harness the power of LinkedIn to continue to work for you.
  1. It’s Future Proof – despite the turmoil of the current situation, there are still opportunities to be taken advantage of. Selling via LinkedIn can uncover these for you.
  1. We can teach you and/or your sales & marketing/lead generation team a proven system to find and convert sales leads using LinkedIn – and the best bit is that there are absolutely loads of bits that are already done for you and built into the system! (Because we have spent years doing the trial and error for you!) We’ve nailed our system!

eBook 5 LinkedIn Messages That Sell eBook

Download our DONE FOR YOU 5 LinkedIn Messages that SELL without being spammy!

  • Struggling to understand why people are not responding to your LinkedIn messages? 
  • Want to start selling on LinkedIn but don’t know what to say? 
  • Want to know how to get replies which lead to actual SALES?

Anyone can find a person on LinkedIn that they think may be useful or a potential client, connect with them, then instantly send them a sales or pitch message. The chances of this being successful are slim to none. People buy into and buy from people that they know, like, and trust.

When it comes to sending messages on LinkedIn you need to follow a process, and your messages need to contain key components to make sure they come across as authentic, conversational and friendly; not straight off salesy.

The key components needed are:

Interest – you have asked if they are interested in what you are offering.

Value – you have offered them something of value that might be helpful to them.

Agreement – you have asked them if they would like you to send them the value piece you have talked about.

No stress – you have told them it’s no problem if they are not interested

– we can still be friends!

You can download your FREE copy with 5 free messages you can start using today.

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Amazon Book Get Clients Chasing You, Attract your ideal client using LinkedIn 

My best-selling book on Amazon will show you:

  • The 9 steps you need to take to Get Clients Chasing YOU
  • Why creating a plan creates structure, and how without it you’ll be second guessing what you need to be doing every day.  
  • You’ll understand why utilising LinkedIn is crucial in the generation of new clients.  
  • You’ll realise that in order to focus on what matters you need to be developing an automated client-generation process that does the hard work, so you don’t have to.  
  • In addition we’ll discuss how you need to be generating publicity that really speaks to your clients, and how to build your Know, Like, Trust factor to become known in your industry.

Getting Hired – If you are an executive job seeker or soon could be, this is the book for you!

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