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The benefits of LinkedIn are widely known these days; with over 700 million users worldwide, it is a buzzing hive of networking and a great platform to showcase business achievements.

Get Clients Chasing You, Attract your ideal clients using LinkedIn
Get Companies Chasing You, Job Search Re-Invention
Be You, Get Noticed, Get Hired - Graduate CV
Learn, Unlearn & Relearn, Career Reinvention

Most people can tell you why they have a presence on LinkedIn but ask them how they use it to successfully generate sales leads, and they can’t give you the answer. Because most people are not successfully generating sales leads through LinkedIn!

This is why I now teach my clients exactly HOW to use LinkedIn to either find a consistent stream of clients for themselves or if they are job seekers, how to connect with the right people to find them their next opportunity.

And, yes, most LinkedIn profiles suck and are not fit for purpose – but as well as having a killer profile, using LinkedIn for success is also about connecting with and reaching out to the right people in the right way.

If you would like an insight into what and how I teach on the subject of LinkedIn, you can download any of my best-selling books on Amazon…

Get Companies Chasing You went to #1 on Amazon in the Job Search category within 3 days of its launch!

My books will give you a great head start on your success journey, but if you really want to learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn – we should chat!

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