Get Clients Now!

Without customers – businesses die. It’s as simple as that. But success is inevitable when companies have well-executed plans for lead generation.

Better clients, bigger contracts and more sales – isn’t this what we all want?

There’s no need for expensive advertising and complicated sales funnels, you just need a simple-to-follow, consistent method for attracting clients.

Would you like to:

  • Learn a method which allows you to reach and exceed your revenue goals month after month?
  • Access highly targeted prospects who can afford your product or service?
  • Connect with the key decision-makers directly?
  • Have a consistent flow of new leads?
  • Have more prospects agreeing to a call or meeting with you?
  • Build the ‘like-know-trust’ factor with your leads, increasing conversions?
  • Save time and money by using only one platform for your lead generation?
  • Never have to pay for advertising again!

Let me show you how

Online selling has disrupted the way companies have traditionally done business. It’s now the key revenue provider for some of the world’s largest companies, and it’s the way to take your business to the next level.

When it’s done right, selling online is the simplest and most effective way for you to connect with your ideal clients and turn on a continuous stream of consistent high-quality leads.

I’ve helped hundreds of small companies, entrepreneurs and consultants to grow their businesses and attract clients, through targeted lead generation using LinkedIn.

By following my proven easy-to-follow method, you will consistently increase your high-quality leads, resulting in more conversations, better client relationships and increased sales.

Engaging conversations do lead to clients. Often the hardest part of sales, is just getting a foot in the door. My method teaches you how to initialise and lay down the groundwork for these discussions to take place.

Once you’ve completed the preparation, relationship building can begin. Below are some examples of conversations my clients are having, as a result of an engaging introduction message and follow-up.

By building the ‘like-know-trust’ factor with potential clients, you can end the ‘feast and famine’ cycle of good and bad months of sales. By following my proven method, you will land more customers and hence grow your business.

There is no spamming involved in my process. There are no paid adverts or cold calling campaigns.

Increase your sales with L.E.A.D.

I teach small sales teams, trainers and professional service providers how to generate leads using LinkedIn.

My proven method, once learnt, can be used by you to train others, eliminating the need for paid adverts ever again by your business and/or your clients.

My course may benefit you if:

  • You head up a small sales team and need to find new ways of generating leads online, this course is the perfect addition to your team’s prospecting skills.
  • You’re a professional services provider who needs to generate more consistent high-paying clients, month after month.
  • You provide lead generating services, and you’d like to learn my method to teach others how to effectively get the most out of LinkedIn.

If coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that you need to have a successful online business, no matter what you have going on elsewhere. The modern buyer is online, and we all need to find new ways of increasing revenue without having to work even harder.

My proven L.E.A.D. business model will allow you or your sales team to prospect for clients using targeted and engaging LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

I will show you my easy-to-follow, repeat, step-by-step process. I’ve taken much of the hard work away, by creating strategic messages that we know work – we’ve seen the results! I can also show you which bits can be automated, if you’re short on time.

My system works through effective and engaging messaging, follow-up and relationship building.

The L.E.A.D. Programme

The L.E.A.D. programme is my method for your success. So, what does it involve? Below is the basic premise of my method, we’ll obviously go into a lot more detail on the course!


Leverage and update your (and/or your clients’) LinkedIn profiles. If your own profile is not designed to sell and doesn’t understand your customers’ pain points, the rest is a waste of time! We’ll also be discussing how to leverage your existing and new connections through relationship building.


Engage key decision-makers and gatekeepers through conversational outreach, without being salesy. We’ll be targeting existing and new connections (based on your ideal customer) with strategic messages. These have already been created for you and have been proven to work successfully in opening up conversations.


Acquire phone conversations and meetings so you can close the sale. This one is simple. If the messages are right and the prospects are appropriate to your product or service, discussions will take place, which will eventually lead to paying customers.


Delegate, automate and scale up. Whilst some of the crucial engagement has to be completed by you, there are ways to delegate and also automate some of the processes. We’ll also discuss how to organise yourself, build a consistent campaign and record your results.

You can find out more about our plans below:

Done for You Service

If you’re not sure which programme best suits your needs, book your complimentary 60-minute 1-2-1 session with me to work out your next steps.