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If you’re a freelancer, contractor, coach, or entrepreneur, and you need a revamped LinkedIn profile, you’re in the right place!

Say hello to new clients

Firstly, you want to make sure that clients are chasing you, and you may have already come to the realisation that any potential client can ONLY evaluate you based on your LinkedIn profile – so it better be good!

You know this because you and I, we offer a service as such – think about it for a second, the only way you can evaluate a service is based on what you “put out there”.

The thing is you may think your LinkedIn profile is good, but I know that it needs to be better than average, it needs to be a memorable A*

If your prospective clients are on Linkedin – you owe it to yourself to ensure your profile stands out! LinkedIn is probably going to be the first port of call when any prospect decides to look you up. In fact, let’s make it clear, your profile needs to be better than good if you want to attract those high-value clients – because if you don’t state your worth, who else will?

The secret to getting companies chasing you is to have killer foundations, and yes, your LinkedIn profile needs to be a part of that. It’s a necessity, without it you are going to get left behind.

What most people don’t realise is, if you utilise your LinkedIn profile, you won’t even have to look for opportunities.

Opportunities will come knocking!

One of the biggest client search crimes out there is the crime of having a terrible LinkedIn profile, and I guarantee that you are committing it!

I do this without the waffle. Say goodbye to boring buzzwords; writing that you are ‘forward-thinking, hands-on, an out of the box thinker’ and don’t get me started on mentioning the word entrepreneur. Why would this SELL you? (Unless you’re teaching people to be an entrepreneur – get me?) I believe we get hired for a REASON, are you ready for it? The client has a problem and YOU need to make sure you articulate why you are the SOLUTION to what they need, otherwise, you won’t get anywhere. I’ll tell your potential clients what your strengths are, without sending them to sleep and more importantly why they should be hiring you.

There is nothing worse when searching for a freelancer or contractor on LinkedIn only to find a sea of ‘motivated self-starters’, who aren’t actually even motivated enough to make their profile different from their competitors!

Why do YOU need this?

Clients should look at your profile and scramble to get in touch with you, not sit there scratching their heads trying to understand the nonsensical platitudes they have just read.

If you sound like a carbon copy of somebody else – you won’t get the gig and you won’t get results – it’s that simple.

The Ultimate Result of working with me is that we will create a Revamped LinkedIn profile that is bang on target for your audience, which will show them clearly why you are the person to solve their problem! And let’s face it, all freelancers are hired to solve a problem or fill a skill gap for a company. This is for you if you want clients chasing you! If you don’t SELL yourself, how do you expect to ever get hired?

Buy now to get started straight away!

£1,147 / approx US $1,493

It’s time to get noticed and get hired

Are you paying for LinkedIn premium and getting nowhere? Listen to me when I tell you it’s because you are fishing without bait; this is a way of life for me and I understand why you’re here and what you need & want.

I’m a big believer in attracting people to you, and not just about constantly chasing down assignments or clients yourself. LinkedIn is the biggest online business portal and a direct marketing tool to target clients; if it’s good enough, they will come to you.

What you get!

No 1

A 90 minute 121 consultation where you and I work out your Unique Selling Point because you and I understand that you ONLY get a new client for one reason – they have a problem, and I help show the fact YOU are their solution.

  • I will focus on creating a compelling profile. After you fill in my “fill in the blanks form” (see how easy I’ve made this!), I’ll get to work on creating your LinkedIn profile.

No 2

A way to capture and display your best work – showcasing the value you offer. You are different from the typical job seeker and as such your LinkedIn profile needs to be adapted to make sure it’s fit for purpose.

  • My focus is truly on getting people to speak to you (obvious right, that’s the only way you can sell to people!) so you and I will work out what your consultation session will be called, what will be involved and more importantly why people will want to give up their time to attend!

No 3

To me, your LinkedIn profile is like your mini website, so it’s critical we create your personal brand.

  • Create a customized LinkedIn Banner
  • Add appropriate images, websites, PDFs & videos.

No 4

Unlimited Revisions until you are satisfied with the work.

No 5

Unlimited email correspondence.

No 6

A professional proof reader is also part of my team.

Added Bonuses!

How to Guide

How to bypass the recruiter and go direct to the Hiring Manager – introducing the Show & Tell Letter with step by step examples on how to use, which can be used in conjunction with your new LinkedIn profile!

How to Guide

How to get Famous in your Industry – Build Your Know, Like & Trust factor starting today.


Buy now to get started straight away!

£1,147 / approx US $1,493

This is an investment that pays off massively because it is genuinely worth it.

If getting a job with a big annual wage isn’t what you want, then it’s probably not worth it for you. But if you’re looking to increase your income and your work/lifestyle quality then GET IN TOUCH now to start improving your prospects.


Yes, you can, if you want to complete the first step to getting clients, then I am happy to create your LinkedIn profile for you. In addition, I am more than happy to deduct what you have currently paid if you decide to participate in Get Clients Chasing You, this must be within 4 weeks of purchase.