How would you like to have COMPANIES CHASING YOU?

It’s time to ditch the old school approach to job seeking and BE PROACTIVE to turbo charge your job search!

Get companies Chasing You!

Imagine if all the recruiters relevant to your industry had your CV/Resume in front of them so the minute they hear of a role, they think of you.

Imagine reaching out and getting into 1-2-1 conversations with all of your potential future bosses in the companies you would like to work for.

99% of people go about their job search in the wrong way! They need a job, so they update their CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile and then search the internet for job adverts. Seems like the right to do, right? Wrong!


GET COMPANIES CHASING YOU – Learn how to turbo charge your job search!

Don’t wait for an opportunity to come to you – we can get out there and take the initiative for you so companies will be chasing you.

Yes, we can revamp your CV for you.

Yes, we can update your LinkedIn profile and make it truly fit for purpose.

BUT, once that is all in place, reaching out to recruiters and potential future bosses is the magic bullet that is really going to turbo charge your job search and land you that perfect role.

Do any of these resonate with you?

You have been made redundant or fear you could be soon!

 You have been furloughed and feeling insecure

 Your job does not challenge you any more

 You think there is no career progression in sight

 You want to get noticed by the companies that you really want to work for

If so, then this is the way to super charge your job search.

In our Get Companies Chasing You programme we will work with you to understand your goals and then we will reach out with a series of messages via LinkedIn to all of the relevant recruiters and future bosses in the organisations you would like to work in. We will also identify any of your 1st Level Connections who may be connected to people who can help with your search.

This means you will get:

  • Done for You LinkedIn Profile – designed to get conversations started!
  • Done for you – CV/Resume – designed in such a way it speaks to your future boss. You only get hired because they have a PROBLEM and we make you the SOLUTION.
  • Your own LinkedIn Expert Success Advisor who will Turbo Charge your Executive Job Seeker campaign by reaching out to key people – think future bosses, key stakeholders and recruiters on your behalf, in a non sleazy way!
  • We recognise LinkedIn is one big database so we create messages which are designed to ENGAGE.
  • Your Success Advisor will review your LinkedIn profile and makes sure it is adding to and complementing your campaign
  • The ONLY thing you will need to do is attend 4 calls, approve the work we send and answer personal replies on LinkedIn.
    • Written for you responses to all eventualities
  • Full support at every step of the process
  • Access to review chats with your Success Advisor
  • Success stats sent you for review.


Senior VP of Global Sales

Paul came to us at the beginning of December 2020 because he wanted to move on from his current role. As a Senior VP of Global Sales in high technology he was looking for a role with a global organization that were looking to enter new markets or had areas of stalled growth that needed addressing.

We worked with him to create a new LinkedIn profile to help him with his job search. We identified any gaps in his current profile, then created new wording for each section and also created a series of ‘projects’ to be added to his profile.

We then worked with him to identify the right target audience of recruiters and potential future bosses that we could reach out to with messages to find him his next exec level role. We created the messages for his campaign and gained hundreds of new connections. He is now in late stage talks for his ideal new role with an organisation that he had identified as one that he would love to work for and he hopes to lock down the details with them very soon!


Construction Project Manager

Carsten came to us in November 2020 because he feared his job was at risk and needed to set the ball rolling for a new job search. This was always going to be a tough search because Carsten’s ideal role was to be working for a UK construction company who either had projects in Germany or were looking to expand into Germany as that is where he is currently based.

We started with a full make-over of Carsten’s CV and LinkedIn profile and identified both recruitment executives that might be able to help him, and potential future bosses that might be in need of someone with his skills and experience. We ran a LinkedIn messaging campaign which led to over 300 new connections in the first month and 20 appointments booked, plus another 10 ongoing discussions with potential work leads.

He was not only approached by Amazon for an interview, but also Turner and Townsend with whom he had two Zoom interviews before they offered him the role which he accepted. He started his new role in January 2021.

As all of this happened in 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic (and just before Christmas). Carsten was not confident about finding anything, so this has been a huge motivational boost in confidence for him. The process has increased his connections, and he now knows that if he found himself in the same situation in the future, he already has all the right connections, so the process will be even easier next time around! He said he was extremely grateful to Annie and Usama and even more so for his Christmas job miracle!

Meet my pooch Tango...

Hi, I’m Sue  

When I first started out in business, all I wanted was for someone to show me how to get clients. The only option available to me at the time was good old-fashioned trial and error, and I learned the hard way that relying on figuring things out as you go along is a sure fire way to kill your business. Fast.  

To start with business did not come easily to me; I was already sick of the fairy tales that seemed to be circulating everywhere – “4 Hour Week” anybody? I knew I needed to keep it real if I was ever going to succeed.  

There was plenty of information available to me, but it was infused with so much jargon and mythology it rendered it completely inaccessible to me. I knew I had to cut through the bullshit in order to ‘mine’ the gems of wisdom I knew were hiding in there.  

So that’s what I did. I focused my efforts on targeting the most effective social media platform for generating clients and became an expert on using LinkedIn to get the clients I needed.  

I know exactly what it’s like to put yourself in front of clients and companies in order to get hired – because I did it too!  

It’s time to put yourself out there!!!

Added Bonus!

Interview Success Kit – 

30 Day Plan

Get Clients Companies You:

How to use LinkedIn to get the companies you want to work for chasing you!

Stop you worrying about how you’re going to find your next executive level role. I know it seems a daunting prospect, but we will do it for you. We will leverage the database that is LinkedIn to identify and reach out to the recruiters and potential future bosses that can offer you the role you want.

We will also give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should you ever find yourself in the position of needing to find a new job in the future, you are already connected with all the right people to help you.  

By signing up you will learn all you need to know to get companies chasing you! You DO have it within you, I know it. We will help you to reach out to the right people and you will land that job. With Get Companies Chasing You, you’ll learn, step-by-step, the right way to identify and connect with the people who will turbo charge your job search and ultimately your career.