Director of consultancy providing Programme, Project & Delivery management services 


Our client Iqbal runs Isacka Ltd, a consultancy that helps clients deliver Business and IT programmes and projects as well as assisting them in improving their Business and IT services, processes and solutions as well as identifying potential cost savings.

He was looking to improve his online presence and refine his online marketing campaign to reach out to current and new potential clients as well as generate potential leads from his numerous connections on LinkedIn. 


We assisted Iqbal to refine his LinkedIn profile and Isacka company website in line with the company’s services, future plans and strategy to enable Isacka to become one of the go-to consultancies in the industry. We worked with Iqbal to identify current LinkedIn connections and clients that were of interest as well as potential new connections that could turn into Isacka Ltd clients.

Following this, we created a marketing strategy and a series of communications to engage with potential clients and executed a messaging campaign to generate conversations and potential leads with the right people. We engaged with approx. 1500 connections and sent around 2000 messages, including follow-ups, which led to Iqbal being in a position to engage with around 50 clients including approx. 20 positive leads. 


“I would highly recommend LinkedIn Success Academy in fully understanding and assisting organisations in reviewing and improving their marketing processes leading to increasing future sales potentials and online visibility as well as enabling senior executives in improving their online presence for potential future contracts. Their team worked closely with me to refine my business services, identify specific niche services in the market, improve my online presence (LinkedIn & Company website), and create and execute a successful marketing strategy. Sue and her team were diligent in their approach, very knowledgeable and provided a good deal of inspiration and support throughout the whole process to ensure that the marketing campaign was closely tailored to my needs as well as being in the ideal position to be successful. I am happy to confirm that following our marketing campaign, I have received a good number of positive potential client interests as well as receiving more visibility on my online presence.” 

Iqbal – Director of consultancy providing Programme, Project & Delivery management services

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