I am offering ‘Breakthrough’ Strategy Session
“Get Clients Chasing You”

If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, contractor, or whatever name you want to give yourself, you are probably facing some of these dilemmas:

Where do I find clients who are right for me?

How do I get famous in my industry so I continue to attract the right clients?

How do I end the struggle of the feast & famine status that so many of us have experienced? How do I end it once and for all?


They say sometimes that silence is golden, but when it comes to waiting for your next client – that can just be scary!

Stop being greeted with the results of a fruitless search & learn to get “Companies or clients literally chasing YOU!”

No more what ifs, no more hoping you’ll get the call – it’s time to make it happen.

Don’t want results? Then you don’t want this!

This game-changing package includes:

2 x 60 minutes sessions/ per month for three month, which could involve:

  • Looking at what is holding you back from success.
  • Creating a strategy to attract clients/companies on a regular basis
  • Bringing consistency into the game

Pre-session check-in for each session (focusing on what is most pressing for you)

Post-session email accountability

Unlimited Email support, questions, and encouragement (because let’s face it, a lot of this is mindset!)

Buy now £699.00 / month for 3 months



Will I see benefits right away?


Yes, Immediately, I’m that confident.  As long as you put the work in via our sessions there is no way you can’t move forward FAST!  The great way this package is designed you can see for yourself in the first month if you and I like what we are doing and whether you want to continue, but I promise you one thing.  YOU WILL!

Let’ set up a complimentary session to work out what your next steps should be and to find out if I’m right the right coach for you.