LinkedIn Profile Masterclass, designed to sell

If you’re a business owner or in charge of sales teams you know if you want to sell on LinkedIn you need a revamped LinkedIn profile don’t you?! 

Be part of our first beta programme – “LinkedIn Profile Masterclass designed to sell” on 4th Feb @ 11am UK time

Firstly, you want to make sure that clients are chasing you, and you may have already come to the realisation that any potential client can ONLY evaluate you based on your LinkedIn profile – so it better be good!

You know this because you and I, we offer a service as such – think about it for a second, the only way you can evaluate a service is based on what you “put out there”.

The thing is you may think your LinkedIn profile is good, but I know that it needs to be better than average, it needs to be a memorable A*

Dont just take my word for it...

“I first started working with Sue and the team at LSA in June this year. 2020 has been a tough year for all and my expectations of the LinkedIn Marketing Campaign were not high.

To be honest I was sceptical as I like lots of people get bombarded with sales offers. But as soon as I started working with Annie to revamp my LinkedIn profile and create the messages that were going to be used in the campaign, I knew I was in good hands. It wasn’t just fluff!

I hadn’t previously realised just how important having the right profile was. I then worked with Usama – the genius of a tech guy who ran the campaign for me – and I was very happy with the results. Within the first month, I was in discussion with 25 potential clients and I had 11 appointments booked in my diary and to be honest I was struggling to keep up with the work to respond. Now, a few months down the line, with some 600 connections gained I am working with 3 new high value consulting businesses. I have also added to my Non Exec portfolio as well. Annie and Usama were an absolute delight to work with and the quality of their service was second to none.

I can’t recommend LSA highly enough. They significantly exceeded my expectations”


Business Consultant

“I highly recommend Annie, Sue and her team. I get lots of spam from various ‘Linked In’ experts to ‘grow your business’ so was sceptical at first. I first spoke with Sue, who was patient and really got to know me and my business. She came across as warm and genuinely caring about my needs and challenges. This put me right at ease. So, from a recommendation from a trusted friend, we hired Sue and her team. I worked with Annie on overhauling my personal and my company’s profile. Despite the fact I am a great writer and work in communication, it’s not human nature to really shout about how great we are and put it out there for all to see. So using a trusted 3rd party was a really great experience in pulling out the unique way we approach business which also makes our results successful — and re-wording it in such a way that people can see, relate to and understand. 

Not only did we get an overwhelming amount of responses from some lovely brands and individuals; we are also already in discussions with signing a couple of brands off the back of this campaign. Usama, who ran the campaign, was extremely professional and efficient. He was responsive when I had a question and has a great technical understanding of how LinkedIn works. 

Overall, I can’t recommend Sue, Annie and her team enough. I will be working with them going forward as I now consider them a great ‘sales team asset’ to my business. They are enthusiastic, really think outside the box, have integrity, go above and beyond, are quick to respond, have great ideas and make every client feel like they are their only one. They are in a class of their own for what they do.”


Grove Communications

If your prospective clients are on Linkedin – you owe it to yourself to ensure your profile stands out! LinkedIn is probably going to be the first port of call when any prospect decides to look you up. In fact, let’s make it clear, your profile needs to be better than good if you want to attract those high-value clients – because if you don’t state your worth, who else will?

The secret to getting companies chasing you is to have killer foundations, and yes, your LinkedIn profile needs to be a part of that. It’s a necessity, without it you are going to get left behind.

What most people don’t realise is, if you utilise your LinkedIn profile, you won’t even have to look for opportunities.

When you’re waiting for an invite to an interview, the silence of the not knowing can be deafening. By being sure of everything that you’ve put forward, you are eliminating the self- doubt that comes if you have to play the waiting game, but you are also opening doors to welcome people to come to you.

Opportunities will come knocking!

One of the biggest client search crimes out there is the crime of having a terrible LinkedIn profile, and I guarantee that you are committing it!

I do this without the waffle. Say goodbye to boring buzzwords; writing that you are ‘forward-thinking, hands-on, an out of the box thinker’ and don’t get me started on mentioning the word entrepreneur. Why would this SELL you? (Unless your teaching people to be an entrepreneur – get me?) I believe we get hired for a REASON, are you ready for it? The client has a problem and YOU need to make sure you articulate why you are the SOLUTION to what they need, otherwise, you won’t get anywhere. I’ll tell your potential clients what your strengths are, without sending them to sleep and more importantly why they should be hiring you.

There is nothing worse when searching for a freelancer or contractor on LinkedIn only to find a sea of ‘motivated self-starters’, who aren’t actually even motivated enough to make their profile different from their competitors!

Why YOU need this!

Clients should look at your profile and scramble to get in touch with you, not sit there scratching their heads trying to understand the nonsensical platitudes they have just read.


If you sound like a carbon copy of somebody else – you won’t get the gig and you won’t get results – it’s that simple.

The Ultimate Result of working with me is that we will create a Revamped LinkedIn profile that is bang on target for your audience, which will show them clearly why you are the person to solve their problem! And let’s face it, all freelancers are hired to solve a problem or fill a skill gap for a company. This is for you if you want clients chasing you! If you don’t SELL yourself, how do you expect to ever get hired?

…The amazing thing is the speed at which you will see results. It’s a no brainer – your profile will be set up and ready to start generating hot leads on LinkedIn!

It’s time to get noticed and get hired

Are you paying for LinkedIn premium and getting nowhere? Listen to me when I tell you it’s because you are fishing without bait; this is a way of life for me and I understand why you’re here and what you need & want.

I’m a big believer in attracting people to you, and not just about constantly chasing down assignments or clients yourself. LinkedIn is the biggest online business portal and a direct marketing tool to target clients; if it’s good enough, they will come to you.

Buy now to get started straight away!

Only £199*

*Payment Plan also available to spread cost over 2 months for £105/month

What you get!

Together, we will get your profile up and running now, so you are ready for Feb 2021.

We plan to host the beta programme as a live event called “LinkedIn Profile Masterclass designed to Sell” – just 2 hours of your day will be required.

The programme is practical as well as informational – you will be all set by the end of the programme, and here’s why!

  1. We will share profiles with you that are proven to SELL.
  2. There is a ‘Done With You’ element built into the programme, (workshop style) with our Content Strategist on hand to go through your profile with you during the session.
  3. Small Group Size (allowing individual attention).
  4. If you send us your profile within 7 days of the event – we will review it for you and offer further recommendations.

We have spent YEARS refining what we do, and we know it WORKS! We are the go-to LinkedIn people – we run a national webinar for the FSB and also have 2 best-selling books on Amazon on how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. (So trust me, we know our stuff!)

Added Bonuses!

47 Pages of done for your LINKEDIN MESSAGES!

47 page book packed full of ‘done for you’ LinkedIn messages for every situation, which you or your sales team can start to use from day 1.


121 – Content review

My team and I will provide 121 Recommendations for your LinkedIn profile and company page  within 7 days of the masterclass.

121 Strategy Session to take your business to the next level

Free 1 hour 1-2-1 strategy session with me with the goal of looking at how to best ultise your new profile revamped profile to make it a selling machine.

Live Event formula for linkedin

Live Event Formula, to drive bums on seats via LinkedIn.

Full recording...

Full recording of the event sent to you (so you can re-use time and time again for new staff or new members of your sales team)


£199 Gift Voucher which can be used on any LSA services within 12 months

Buy now to get started straight away!

Only £199*

*Payment Plan also available to spread cost over 2 months for £105/month

By now your wondering why is the price so low...

A programme like “LinkedIn Profile Masterclass Designed to Sell” can cost upwards of £800 due to the quality of the course content and the ROI you will achieve and yet NONE of the others on the market can hold a candle to our masterclass.

But I have a big saving for you!

When this programme is publicly available, I will be charging £699 and it’ll be well worth it. But you won’t pay that. When you make the decision to get this now, the price will be just £199. That’s a massive saving!

So what’s my hidden motive? Why am I practically giving away places on this game-changing programme? I’ll be honest with you; my motivation for this is all about gaining raving reviews and testimonials from clients who have completed the course to get real results in their own businesses. I want to build trust with my clients so they will come back to me when they need other services. Plus, I still make a little profit. It’s really a win-win situation.

Most LinkedIn profiles actually suck! But after this programme yours will attract attention and will be ready to start generating HOT sales leads as you hit the ground running in 2021!

Simple, just click the button right now


Yes, you can, if you want to complete the first step to getting clients, then I am happy to create your LinkedIn profile for you. In addition, I am more than happy to deduct what you have currently paid if you decide to participate in Get Clients Chasing You, this must be in 4 weeks of purchase.